Recovery and Ohio

I am finally able to see well enough to write an update.  My vision has been severely impacted from my surgery.  But for the first time today, I can somewhat see normally!

My surgery was definitely not a fun experience!  They literally peeled my ear back to get to my jaw joint.  There was a large bone spur that the dr removed along with torn cartilage.  Then he sanded my bones so that they were smooth and would work together without cartilage.  He felt surgery was a success and when I am fully recovered should not have more problems.  I was very very sick during/after surgery.  Even though I was asleep, I distinctly remembered being violently ill.  In post op before I could even open my eyes, I asked the nurse if I had been sick.  She told me that I was so sick they finally put a tube in my stomach and pumped it out.  So crazy that I actually remember that. But that wasn’t all, I was sick from that point almost all the way home!  It was NOT fun!!  And before we got home, the pain was horrible!  It was horrible in post op I remember that vividly as well.  And the nurse saying this is as bad as it’s going to be!  I think they should have put me in a deeper sleep…that’s what I think!

But…I had the best of the best taking care of me in the hospital and on the way home.  I couldn’t have asked for Zine, Michael and Heather to be more attentive and sweet!  I’m sure I’ll be reminded of how sweet they were to me for a long time!!  😉  And when I got home I had a sweet lady meet us and pick up my pain medicine.  And Sharon was super sweet to me as I was so very sick!  I was most definitely well cared for!!

The pain has continued to be a huge issue.  For the first time today, I have tried to switch over to Tylenol and off of some of the pain pills.  So today, I have not felt well at all.  Pain pills work much better than Tylenol.   But I had definitely made some progress from where I was.

As I suspected, I was no where even close to ready to getting on an airplane to head to Ohio with Chloe.  But much to my surprise, I must say I have some of the best aunts in the world.  Aunts who understand how much I miss my mama!  And aunts who have come to my rescue in a huge way!!!  One aunt came to my house and is loving on Krisann.  The other aunt came and travelled on with Chloe and I to Ohio.

Here I sit in the Atlanta airport.  Wondering if I am indeed going to conquer the next flight!  I did!  Because I know that God was supplying much strength!!  And you all were praying me there!

We saw our first round of doctors on Monday afternoon.  And I must say…I was SO disappointed.  To have traveled so far being so sick and to have such high expectations for a new team of doctors…well…I felt frustrated beyond belief when I felt like they were not helpful at all!  I am sure hoping that our regular team of doctors can put things in perspective for me tomorrow!  
Today was a quiet day for us.  Aunt Jan said if we couldn’t go to Disney together we could at least make the most of a difficult situation.  
Chloe had prepped some craft activities to donate to the Ronald McDonald House here.  So we helped her assemble her craft bags.  And loved being a part of taking them to the staff and delivering such fun things!  They were definitely a HUGE hit with the staff here!
So we have been in blessing others mode this afternoon.  Thank you notes to some volunteers!  And activity bags assembled and delivered to the staff!  I have seen several little boys here this time.  They are going to love the pipe cleaner ninjas!!  I am at least partial to the pipe cleaner ninjas.  This girl…I love her heart!  Here we are getting blessed at the Ronald McDonald House but she has been on the lookout for ways to bless others while we are here!  Love her heart!!
It is exceptionally hard to keep nutrients going in right now.  Still have a lot of swelling and a good bit of pain makes me not want to eat anything.  But I think I have done a fair job at getting some nutrients in while I am away!
 You can see in this picture just how swollen my face has been.  I am pretty sure that even my forehead has been swollen.

Tonight when we cleaned and changed the bandage I got to get a good look at what the incision looked like.  Oh my word!  It totally gives me the goose bumps.  Literally they cut my ear off and reattached it!  I told Zine that’s what it sounded like they were going to do…and by looking at the sutures…that’s exactly what they did!!

That just literally gives me the hibby jibbies!!

No wonder my ear hurts!!  Tonight I am wishing I had not been the tough girl and tolerated some pain today.  It is definitely not feeling very swift tonight!

Tonight we’re exhausted!  Chloe is already tucked into bed and asleep!  I am about to turn in for the evening too!  Aunt Jan…well…she has been such a huge help!  It has been a huge blessing having her with us.  God knows just what we need and He definitely prompted her heart to come with us at the last minute.

Pray for us tomorrow as we meet with a large group of different doctors!  Pray that they would all have great wisdom.  That we would all communicate clearly with each other!!  And that the best direction for Chloe would be made known!  Pray that my jaw would continue to heal, that the pain would subside, my vision would return to normal, and that my energy would return as well.


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.