Why can’t your loved one see their eating disorder is killing them?

Loving people with eating disorders is complicated, fraught with misunderstandings. You encourage your loved one to eat, but they withdraw and refuse. They might scream for you to stop trying to control them.

Why is eating so hard? Why can’t they see you want them healthy?

Karen Kay Smith, a recovering anorexic, uses illustrations from her own traumatic experience to help you visualize the distortion that is happening. Your loved one may be a Christian with a deep faith in God, but victims of anorexia and different types of eating disorders can’t see what they are doing to their bodies.

With Karen’s insight you will discover:

Karen draws from her faith and understanding of the Bible to show you the way to journey with your loved one toward healing. You are not alone and you will see: there is hope.


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"I don’t often describe books that can be used for counseling with the word “beautiful,” but the writing style and content of this book is strong, fragile, vulnerable, powerful, tender, hopeful, and practical." 

- Pastor Michael Walker

- - Board certified Pastoral Counselor

The ABC's of loving Well

In a season in life when many are hurting and lonely, this is a resource you won't want to miss. From A to Z, there are 26 tips for loving others well. These tips were adapted from the book Nearsighted, but these tips will help you love everyone!

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