Bible Verses for When You Are Feeling Discouraged

Feel free to download and refer to when you're feeling down.

7 Promises to Claim when the Future Is Uncertain

A Free Printable of Promises to Claim when the Future is Scary and Uncertain.

What Anorexia DiD To Me

Anorexia is much more than a problem with food. Anorexia is a fearless warrior on a mission to slowly kill its prey. Here you can find some ways it tried to take my life away.

Coloring Bookmark

“The more I know who God is, the easier it is to trust an unknown future to Him.” 

Connect with Ourselves First

“To form meaningful connections with others, we must first connect with ourselves.”

Eat the Rainbow Food List

Eat the rainbow with a list of foods categorized by their color!

Four Steps to Achievement Phone Wallpaper

“Plan Purposefully.    Prepare Prayerfully.
Proceed Positively.    Pursue Persistently.”

I want to be a Mom that... Bookmark

“I want to be a mom that Trusts, Overflows, Understands and Balances.”

Self Care for Depressed and Amazing Days

Whether its sunshine or stormy clouds, self care is important. Follow these steps to care for yourself during any season.

What Anorexia Did For Me

Anorexia is about a lot more than control and being physically skinny. It’s harmed me in so many ways, but strangely and unconsciously, it also helped me. I know those things may sound strange, but not eating has been the way I cope with life. An eating disorder is an unhealthy coping mechanism and learning to live without it is taking me outside my comfort zone for sure.