Chemo Day Three

Zine had a great night Tuesday night.  He rested well.  I think we all rested well.  He woke up with pretty good fever, swollen and puffy eyes, and just looked terrible.  But we headed back bright and early for our 3rd treatment.  It was hump day.

The treatment went as expected.  He slept about 2 to 3 hours Wednesday morning.  And then he was awake until we got back to our hotel room.  He became very miserable pretty quickly.  He was miserable.  He said anywhere something touched him hurt.  He just could not get comfortable.  So…I gave him some meds to see if that would help ease the total and complete discomfort.  And I had him move to the bed instead of reclined in his chair.  He finally settled down and slept another three hours.

We kind of woke him up.  He needed some medicine and it was dinner time as well.  So…he got up and felt some better.  But he wasn’t talking hardly so I know he still felt very bad.

We had to get him some meds at pharmacy yesterday.  He has a yeast infection.  It’s always weird to walk in a pharmacy that’s not ours!!

I had two experiences yesterday that just sent me over the edge emotionally and neither of them revolved around him.  So…I’m glad I had a better day during treatment yesterday!!  Or else I would have been a wreck.  Panic attack central happened late afternoon!  It was terrible!  And then complete melt down happened at 10:00 pm last night.

I have a very torn heart.  I really need two of me!  One to be here and one to be at home.  The stress is high at our home!  And I know there are some warriors that even as I write this preparing to go to my home and do what can be done to help alleviate stress.  But…mama isn’t there!!  At 10:00 when Chloe is in a work and Krisann is crying and scared, it was more than my mama heart could take!!

Thank goodness for Zine and Michael stepping up and just shedding godly wisdom on the situation.  And thankful that in one of my worst moments, there was wisdom, love and comfort from both of them.

Wednesday night Zine was very restless all night long.  He could not get comfortable.  So here we are at Day 4…

He has started his pre-meds and getting ready to begin the four hour chemo drip.  Followed by two hours of observation.

No words my friends for how difficult this has been.  God is definitely the sustainer.

Looking at two more difficult days!  One more night here.  We can do this…we can do this…we can do this.


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.