Chemo Day and Kids Medical Issues

Tomorrow is chemo day again!  I would think that as we do these more, the emotional stress would diminish…nope!  I have cried on and off all day today!  Zine has been down emotionally.  Stress has been high!  I might sleep tonight but probably not!  Zine will crash in a  few minutes and sleep all night!  Maybe I should take some of his drugs!!!!

Conner can’t seem to shake his upper respiratory junk.  I’m afraid the mommy foot is about to come down and he’s about to have to go to the doctor but that will have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday.  So hopefully for my sanity, he will improve greatly over the night and tomorrow!  But I’m afeared his head congestion is settling in his chest!

Krisann had an allergic reaction to her antibiotic from where her congestion settled in her ears.  She developed horrible hives.  I told someone that there was not a spot on her that hadn’t had a hive.  She said, there’s one mom…the bottom of my foot!  And literally that is about the only place she hasn’t had one!  Took her to the doctor yesterday and she is now on steroids and a couple other medicines!  Her hives are better but it is obvious she is still not well!   I have been instructed to take her back to the allergist but I couldn’t bring myself to make that phone call today!  But can I just say Krisann on steroids??!!!  It wears me out!

Chloe saw the oral surgeon today and will be having surgery on Friday to have her wisdom teeth removed!  Can we just say for a child that struggles with anxiety….things like this totally can get that anxiety all worked up!  It’s exhausting!  And because she has muscular dystrophy, she has to have it done at the hospital.   We learned all the details again today.  We do have to change some of her medicine up for a few days…praying that doesn’t do further stress to her emotional state.   Say prayers for this girl this week!

I am definitely feeling the stress in my emotional well being.  My emotions are all over the place today!

I’ve received two texts, one yesterday and one today, about what could be done for us this week.  The answer is simply I don’t know.  This is simply one of those weeks we are just trying to put one foot in front of the other.  And it’s not that I’m averse to help…I just simply don’t know what would make life easier.  My eyes have leaked tears numerous times today!  Can’t even put into words the emotions behind the tears! But definitely feeling worn out already!  There’s still a lot to do this week! It’s just beginning.  So feel free to text, call, visit, etc.  I’m sure all encouragement will be needed and accepted.  If there’s something you think would be a blessing, then just do it!  I think I need someone  to just be in charge of ways to care for us!  My own personal care manager!  Then…I don’t even have to think about that!  I like that idea!!  Just not sure it’s realistic nor would it give God the opportunity to grow me in areas that I need to be stretched in!

Prayers appreciated this week!  My apologies for incomplete sentences in this post!  Sometimes thoughts are the best I can do!  Hopefully, my thoughts make sense to someone other than me!!

Thank you to all of you who journey with us and lift us up on these difficult days!


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.