Easter in Rehab

We were all dreading this Easter.  We all know that Easter is not based on our circumstances.  But it is based on the resurrection of Jesus.  But we were grieving the fact that we weren’t together, we haven’t had all our family fun, that Zine is still in rehab, and our usual routines are all messed up, etc.  Just lots of heartache.  And not to mention not many people in our family like change.  So…it was a dreaded day.

My kids did a great job at getting dressed this morning!  I had fixed the girls hair yesterday and they even made it to church in time for breakfast!

They are three amazing kids.   Blessed by them everyday.  While they were at church we perfected the bath in the bed.  The doctor came by and we found some medicine that helped Zine’s pain from the UTI.  Thank goodness…because that has been terrible!!  After church Conner picked up lunch and brought it here to rehab.  We went down to the day room, and sat at a table and had lunch together.  Wasn’t home and wasn’t my cooking but sometimes you just have to make the most of a bad situation.

 I had even managed to have a few goodies in an Easter bucket for the kids.  There were not thought out scavenger hunts, no meaningful stories about the little gifts inside, not much thought put into them, rather a stop at a store to see what I could find in 15 minutes!  Definitely not the way I would have wanted to do Easter for them but for this year….we simply made do.

We even had Conner take a few pics of us.  And his idea of taking pics is to hold the button down and see how many he can capture in 10 seconds!  So we always have a plethora of pictures when Conner has my phone!

We even had someone take a family photo for us!  Not once but three different times.  One because Krisann was trying to give bunny ears.  One because Krisann had a crazy look on her face.  And finally the third time we captured one decent family photo.

Then I went home and took a shower.  Chloe got a nap.  Krisann played.  And Conner got some alone time with his dad!  
When I got back up to the rehab, we all shared some chocolate cake together and the kiddos headed over to a friends house.   Very soon after that Zine got to hurting really bad. On a scale from 1 to 10 and Zine said a 6 to 7!  You know this guy was hurting.  For probably two hours from his hip down to his toe had muscle spasms.  It was not fun.  Two pain pills, an ice pack, and some time it finally settled down.  He then dozed off to sleep and had a nice nap!
So although this Easter wasn’t what we would have desired, I hope we at least created some happy memories for down the road.  I know we all put on smiles for the pictures because that’s what you’re supposed to do…but no one was really happy and there really wasn’t many smiles today!  But in years to come, I hope we look back and remember this as a bonding time for our family. 
I have had to work on my attitude this evening.  I should not look on Facebook.  Pictures of all the fun family times, and I find myself a bit on the angry/jealous side.  
In the morning we have a family meeting at 9.  Not sure what exactly to expect in that.  But Conner is coming to join me.  And Zine’s adopted brother is coming too.  So…this family meeting better be good!!  🙂   We think we understand it is in prep for us to begin preparations for going home.  But no one will tell us when we can leave!!  Guess that might depend on what all has to be done.  And I think tomorrow or Tuesday, the therapists are going to try to progress Zine from baths in the bed to the actual shower.  I know he will be ever so glad for that!  Praying that they can make our shower chair work perfectly for us!   We finally got clearance today and he and I are now allowed to transfer from wheelchair to bed without the nurses in here!  Yay!  I take that as progress.
When we get to go home, I will be ever so glad to have my family all together again.  But I will say, I am nervous about taking Zine home too.  We will have to find new routines of doing things at home and make modifications to fit our home and not hospital.  So there will be an adjustment going home. Zine has been very nervous with Krisann here.  So I’m definitely praying that settles down some when we get home.  Now…if we only knew when we got to go home….we’ve heard Wednesday, we’ve heard next Monday, the therapist said two weeks.  I think no one knows!!!  But maybe after tomorrow we will know!!??  


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.