Cullman, Corinth and Craziness

We had a record time appointment in Cullman on Friday!  That is a complete rarity!!!  Typically when we go we are there for hours upon hours!  And Friday we were in and out in two hours!  The wait was short!  The time was difficult.  When you put three months of decline, three months of crisis after crisis in a short paragraph it can literally make one sick!  There is no doubt, it has been an unbelievable three months.  And there is no doubt, there has been an unbelievable decline in Zine’s MS.   Dr. L came in, said hello, and then quietly said, you know the battle has already been won don’t you?  We were both quiet for a moment and he looked at Zine and said, do you know that the battle is won…in the end, God wins and your body will be rid of MS.  Do you know that?  Zine responded yes I know Dr. L but in the meantime, MS sucks.  And Dr. L said so sweetly, I totally agree.  Our battle here on earth with MS seems to be a losing battle.  And Dr. L pretty much said so.  We are making some medicine changes which we hope to see benefit from in the next week.  We need a few months of no crisis for Zine to build his strength back.  He still just gets wiped out very easily!

I have been super tired lately.  Like 2 hour naps tired which is a complete rarity.  I think it is medicine related but it could just be life catching up.  But despite how tired I was, I couldn’t wait to go to a funeral Saturday.  Why?  Because I was going to surprise my sweet friend and love her well!  So despite my tiredness, I made a trip to Corinth, MS to be a part of such a difficult day for my friend.  It blessed me to see my sweet friend interact with her family, to see how beautiful she was even under the pressure of losing her mama, and I loved listening to the eulogy she gave about her mom!  I think her mom raised a great daughter.  And I was blessed in blessing her today!  I hope I never get so tied up in my own life that I can’t bless others!  And while I was blessing my friend, two different friends were blessing me in different ways.  I am so grateful that although it has been a VERY hard lesson to learn that I am learning to receive from others! (at least sometimes)

Thursday was the big “c” word day, Friday was Cullman, Saturday was Corinth, MS and today was just craziness!  We dressed to go to church.  We were even in the car on our way.  But didn’t make it.  Let’s see the car made strange sound, put three warning lights on, the donut shop that should have taken 3 minutes took 20!  First our phone app didn’t work (I really think it was cashier was not technology savvy), then my debit card wouldn’t work, then Zine’s coffee wasn’t right, and the story keeps going it was just one thing after another!  Finally, we just decided that we were just going to go back home.  The car is fine!  We restarted it and everything reset perfectly!  Later today, I dressed to go to the pool.  Halfway down there it thundered and in about 2 minutes it was a nice storm.  Twice I dressed to go somewhere and didn’t make it!  Might better sleep in my clothes because I would sure hate to not make it there!

I’d like to say I have some spiritual lesson for this blog post.  But..I really don’t!  It’s just ramblings tonight.  Speaking of ramblings…I think our blog is going to get some updating!   I have some fresh ideas for our blog!

And I have some random pictures to share with you tonight!

Protein Pancakes!  I do eat these some mornings.

Oh my goodness, go ahead and faint…I tried avocado!!!  Four bites to be exact!
I also have had lots of practice at putting shoes on!  I think I’m getting pretty sneaky with Zine’s toe that sticks up all the time!  That toe used to give me troubles but I have just about mastered it!

I think we must have been listening to instructions from the PT in this picture.  
We learned how to use a transfer board and we have learned how to use a gait belt.  

The doctor on Friday talked to Zine about how I am blessed when I help him.  And by him allowing me to care for him, he is providing many blessings for me!  I wish I had wrote down exactly as Dr. L said it because it was so eloquent!  He was exactly correct!  I am blessed getting to be a part of Zine Smith’s life!  I wouldn’t want anyone else to help him!
I have finally made our beds!  Someone looked at them and said oh, they look like they should be in a nursing home.  I felt my heart sink!  And then they said or a dorm room.  I don’t like either description!  But never fear right beside Zine’s bed is what we refer to as our stripper pole!  So don’t you guys for a minute think that just because we have separate beds that there’s no fun in this house!  LOL!    Below you can see it really is a pole that he uses to help him get in and out of the bed.  But it is regularly referred to as our stripper pole!
And just for the record, I don’t think you will ever hear me say I hate summer!  I say I hate winter all the time.  But I do think summer is my favorite season.  I love sitting by the pool!


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