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Mother’s Day in Hospital

One could complain about spending their Mother’s Day in the hospital.  I didn’t go to church with my kiddos, didn’t have lunch with my kiddos, didn’t have fun family moments with my kiddos, and didn’t have dinner with my kiddos.  I spent about an hour or two with my kids this afternoon.  But really, compared to Easter in Rehab, this was easy!  Yep, I missed my kiddos.  Yep, I missed all the attention they shower me with on Mother’s Day.  However, I don’t need a Mother’s Day to feel blessed.

Blessed Everyday by my Kids

God has blessed me with three wonderful children.  They each amaze me!

Conner is super attentive to my emotions.  He definitely takes charge when needed but is just as happy to be rolling with the flow with other’s leading.  He doesn’t get angry often.  But when he does…he’s loud!  🙂

Chloe has a huge heart for caring for others needs.  She will spend  hours working on projects to deliver to our older ladies in our church.  She has a keen awareness and love for special needs.  God is going to do something amazing with her heart I know!!  In times of high stress, she has a very difficult time.  So seasons like this are extremely difficult for her.

Krisann is a joy and delight.  Yep, she has her issues and makes parenting very difficult.  However, I rarely take her somewhere that she doesn’t give everyone she meets a compliment.  She is active and never stops.  She has such a tender tender heart.  I am blessed by my children every day.

Every day is Mother’s Day!

I’m super grateful that when I wasn’t able to be the mom I would like I had a friend text and say I would be honored for your children to have mother’s day lunch with us today.  So she was blessed as she was missing some of her kiddos and mine were blessed by being with them!  She’s not the favorite and she’s okay with that.  She knows her hubby has top place in Krisann’s heart!  However, she chose to reach out and love my children today.  Blessed!

This sweet girl gave up Club GROW at church (which she loves) to come hang with me for about an hour this morning.  And she was not about to let Mother’s Day go by without bringing me her frame she made for me and some home made soap that her brother helped her make.  Well, her brother helped her clean up the mess that is!!    Exploding soda experiment they called it!








Zine Update

Prayers are being answered.  Zine is stronger today!  Hallelujah!  Yesterday rehab was mentioned.  Definitely not a place we want to visit again.  But today, Zine was stronger and better able to help transfer.  Thank you Jesus!!  I think I prayed for hours last night that Zine would have some miraculous amount of strength bestowed on him today!  While results might not have been miraculous, it was indeed enough to bring comfort and hope!

Of course, when you start giving medicine to thin blood then other things are affected.  Low calcium, low potassium, etc.  So we’ve got to deal with these things today, but for us, those are minor.  The port is working so this process is definitely easy compared to others that might have to be stuck five times to get blood!  The tentative plan is that we may get to go home tomorrow.  However, we say that with much caution.  We’re not staking claim to that but feel like it is a possibility.  Home health nurses, therapists, etc. will be a regular part of our life for awhile for sure.

He still has this little funky cough every minute or so.  His pain is much better.  Now, if these lungs will heal and this cough go away.  It’s annoying me much more than him for sure!

Zine slept most of the morning.  We did enjoy a few visitors today.  We’ve not been up for visitors and so we asked for visits to be short.  Zine loves visitors but when he starts talking too much his heart rate goes up so it’s definitely in his best interest to stay calm.  Tonight he is worn out.   But I know he enjoyed seeing a couple of friends today!

Kisses from Jesus

Krisann found this leaf a bit ago.  I love how God uses even the smallest things to communicate His love to us!  I am not sure if I have ever seen such a perfect heart leaf!  Kisses from Jesus again!!  He loves us even in these difficult seasons and when we can choose to see even the smallest things as His way of communicating love, our hearts are so much fuller.  I’ve been in seasons where I couldn’t see His love in little things.  Dog gone it, I’ve been in seasons where I even questioned if He did love!  I am so thankful that I am in a season now where I can experience His love and His compassion.

Continued Prayers

We do ask for continued prayers as we hopefully go home.  Going home brings a huge fear for sure.  There is no room for falls on blood thinners.  It will definitely change our life again.  We had gotten used to not having to be over protective.  No more laying in the floor for 30 minutes waiting on me to get home.  I had forgotten about life on blood thinners until I am faced with it again.

Continued prayers for our emotional well being.  This has set me back tremendously in my emotional state.  I feel like just when I was beginning to feel normal again, I get set way back!  Our girls have been set back in their emotional states as well.  Zine definitely isn’t on top of things emotionally.  Conner just hides his emotions from us as much as possible, but I know his heart is hurting as well!

Continued prayers for healing.  Prayers that the blood numbers would line up where they need to be.  Pray that Zine’s strength would continue to increase.

You guys are awesome to read our story and pray for us!  Thank you!  We believe in prayer and we do believe that your prayers make a difference in our lives!  Thank you!



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