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Chemo Week Video

I have made a video for you to get a visual of our chemo week surroundings.  Yes, it gave me something to do one day!!  The video is 5 minutes long.  And one part it did not record my voice very well.  If you have good sound and get close you might can hear me talking!  I was talking quietly because I was in the infusion area and it is very quiet down there.  Hopefully you can hear part of it!   I am in no way an expert video maker either!

But in this video you will see the walking track around the infusion center hallway.  It is decorated in seasons.  As I walked that track pretty frequently I did some thinking about seasons.  I have a friend that used to always say…this is just a season and season’s change.  As I was walking I thought about that statement.  And I thought the MS season is here to stay I think.  It’s been impacting our lives for six years now and wreaking havoc in our lives for a bit over two.

God reminded me as I was walking that the seasons have changed.  Has MS left…no!  But our seasons have most definitely changed.

Some sunshine please!

The first season you see in the video is spring.  Springtime is a time for growth.  It’s a beautiful time of the year with flowers blooming and trees budding.  As I look back over the past two years, there have been seasons of growth in our lives.  Our marriage two years ago was a struggling mess.  Today our marriage is a thriving relationship again.  A year ago, our emotions were overflowing with negativity.  Today there is still some negativity but there are some positive emotions as well.

The next season is winter.  There have definitely been some dry, cold, weary places over the past two years.  Pulmonary embolisms, chemo, broken hip and rehab, acute pancreatitis.  Those were very difficult places.  Hands down the worst thing ever was that broken hip and rehab.  But guess what…we’re not still in rehab!  Thank goodness!!!  We have moved from that place.  We aren’t in ICU with pulmonary embolisms.  That season has gone.  Are there more winters ahead?  I’m sure there are.  But I can remember….winter won’t last forever.

Fall is a beautiful changing season.  The leaves turn beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange.  I think it might be my favorite season.  These changes are beautiful to watch happen!  In our lives, we have watched our children change physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We have watched our hearts change dramatically.  We have watched our income change pretty significantly.  My favorite saying is if life never changed there would be no butterflies.  With change in life something happens, we adapt!  Things become a new normal.   As a result of this adaptation, we watch the fall changes in our lives with expectancy of what God is going to do in them.

Finally, there are times that we feel like life is pretty stable!  Not much is going on and we are always grateful for those times.  That would be summer!  Neither Zine nor I like to be cold so we welcome summer each year.  We just had a season before chemo that was pretty quiet.  No major health crisis.  No major emotional crisis.  Just kinda rolled along with the new normal. But about the time we get comfortable and sure footed…the seasons change.

So I thought how appropriate for the MS center to be painted in the seasons.  MS doesn’t leave.  It doesn’t let up.   MS is life.  But MS most definitely has its seasons!

Life has seasons!  Thankfully the seasons change!

In conclusion, think about what season of life you are currently in.  Are you in a season of growth, dark and cold, changing and adapting, or enjoying the sunshine for a temporary time?  Feel free to share with us what season you are experiencing.  We would love to hear from you.

Enjoy the video!

Video Glimpse of Chemo Week



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