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Surgery, Liver, and Meltdown

A quick update on my dad:  Surgery started about noon today.  Lasted about two hours.  Amongst all the things it could have been, it was best case scenario.  Basically the doctor replaced some spacers between joint and bone.  He cleaned up a lot of inflammation in the knee cavity.  While in there he discovered that his replacement was not put in correctly the first time.  He stopped and called the manufacturer of dad’s knee and they indeed verified it was not correct.  There is a metal knee cap and there was a plastic cover cap that was not put in correctly.  The surgeon replaced that as well.  Surgeon feels confident that when he heals, he might be better than before!  Of course, now we all wonder about the other knee if it was replaced correctly!  But we’re not checking to see unless the other knee parts break as well!  🙂  He’s had little pain so far but still has lots of numbing medicine that will be wearing out before too long.  He may get to come home tomorrow late or Friday, it is depending on how he does with physical therapy.

Mom has only asked about him once.  Sitter told her he was with the boys and she would be with mom until boys got back home.  Sitter reports mom was very tired tonight and went to sleep very quickly!  A huge answer to prayer to say the least!  We were all concerned about bedtime.  Now we’re praying she sleeps all night without waking up.  Our other sitter will arrive in the morning and be there tomorrow and tomorrow night if needed.  This is a HUGE answer to prayer that she has done so well!

Chloe continues to struggle with a headache.  It’s not keeping her in the bed but she is still having to medicate to keep it bearable.  She has developed a new problem with these headaches, and that is her liver enzymes are elevated.  The hope is if we can get this headache to go away and get her off some of this medicine that in time we will see those enzymes go back down.   Due to her muscular dystrophy, her liver enzymes have always been borderline high.  But this time, there was no borderline to it.  They were pretty significantly high.

Krisann had the meltdown that I have been waiting for today.  She was so certain her daddy was going to be healed through chemo and he wasn’t.  I was so afraid she was going to meltdown when we came in, but she didn’t.  This morning, from the minute I saw her, she was just bad!  Disrespectful first thing.  Then in a little while, she was very very bad again!  As a discussion that came out of that, Krisann finally let her heart spill out.  I actually was a terrible mom and caught some of it on video.  However, some things are really personal.  I live my life before my blog readers all the time.  But this is one of those things that I don’t feel led to share.  Trust me when I say it would break your heart.

I promise the conversations I have with this child are amazing.  She is wrestling with the fact that we have prayed and prayed and prayed and God has not answered prayers.  I told her God said yes, no, or wait.  She very angry said God always said no or wait, wait, wait.  Later in conversation she shared how she felt like God didn’t see her.  I just told her over and over that God sees her. God even collects her tears in a bottle.   Praying through this entire conversation that God would give me the words she needed, and I do feel like God helped me know how to respond and to give her comfort.  This is a concept that in my 40s I don’t understand.  Trying to imagine what it would be like to wrestle with this question as a 7 year old and honestly, I can’t really imagine.

Zine’s blood counts should hit their low this week. So at least from here forward they should start slowly improving.  If we can continue to keep him well, that will be helpful.  Also praying for no complications to arise like we experienced last year!

Thanks for your prayers.  Continue to pray for my parents, brothers, sitters, kids and husband!


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