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Six Words and Six Months

I was challenged in a writing group to write a memoir in six words.  At first, I thought it was quite challenging.  But then once I got started, I couldn’t stop.  I submitted this for the writing challenge:  Created for loving and being loved.  However, I couldn’t stop.  Take a peek at some of my six-word memoirs.

Six Words

Made to thrive not just survive.
Made beautiful in my crazy mess.
Brokenness ushered in beauty from ashes.
Recognizing sin, seeking forgiveness, loved well.
Smoked meat, gluten-free, new recipes.
Learning to rise amidst difficult circumstances.
No shame, Let it go. Redeemed.
Major life changer–Easter in rehab.
Looking for God’s fingerprints every day.

As I thought back through life and came up with these six-word memoirs memories started flooding in. Some are good and some, well, not so good.  Each of these scream one major theme to me.

God is always in season!

I often say this is just a season and seasons change.  However, with every memory that came flooding in, God was always in each season!  It didn’t matter if the season was brokenness, shame, forgiveness, health crises, life changes, or sweet moments, God was always there!  So seasons change, but God is still in each season.  Looking back allows us to see God’s faithfulness and that is a truth we can cling to when stormy seasons come again.  God is faithful, and He will NEVER leave us nor forget about us.

Six Months

This week was the six-month mark of saying goodbye to my mom.  Hospice nurses told us to give my mom permission to go.  We were supposed to sit with her and love her by telling her it was okay to go.  However, every bone in my body screamed this is NOT okay!

The first few times I tried to tell my mom it was okay to go, no words would come.  When I finally succeeded in getting the words out they weren’t eloquent and beautiful; instead, they were awkward and hard.  However, each time I spoke the words they became more beautiful.  There were some beautiful moments no doubt.

There were some beyond difficult moments as well.  My mom hung on to life for much longer than anyone could imagine.  As the hospice nurse described, this is the worst way to die.  Slowly, one organ and then another organ began shutting down.  Before my mom finally walked with her Savior, my words moved from beautiful to authoritative:  “Mom, IT IS time to go.”  “You are wearing us out tremendously.” Some more six-word memoirs I could add to my list above.

I don’t think I’ve taken much time to grieve my mom.  My dad has kept us hopping from one pot to another frying pan and then another.  Whew!  I have learned that my mom was an angel on earth.  Who knew moms were responsible for so much?  Needless to say, my brothers and I have focused on lots of business type items. These things have overshadowed my grieving!


Easter Sunday morning.

The day…

  • we celebrate our risen Savior
  • more people go to church than ever
  • we traditionally look our best and take family pictures
  • I look forward to each year

I love Easter!

2018 Easter Family Picture
A picture with a better Krisann face!
My kids are getting so big!!
A couple of extra kids we have come to love over the past year! God just grows my family and I love it!
It’s nice to have kids who will take your picture.

This Easter, we were dressed and headed to church for breakfast and worship.  When all of a sudden, I am driving down the road and tears start rolling down my cheeks.  The sad part, I had put make-up on down to eyeliner and mascara (which is a rarity these days!)  I did not want tears to flow out of my eyes.  Deep breaths were taken to no avail!  I blew air in my face to try and dry the tears before they came rolling down.  No amount of deep breathing or blowing air was keeping the tears at bay.  The tears rolled the entire 25-minute drive to church.

Upon parking, I look at my family and say, “I think I’m going to have to celebrate Easter in the car.”  Unfortunately, that was not an option in their mind.  So I take a few minutes to wipe mascara off my cheeks and put a smile on my face.

What started the abundance of tears?  One simple thought.  I wonder what it is like to celebrate Easter in the presence of Jesus himself?!  What a profound thought!  I honestly can’t imagine what it would be like to be in His presence.  The very next moment after thinking this thought, visions of my mom’s last breaths come rushing into my mind, followed quickly by a deep sense of aloneness.

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What did I soon discover?  God is faithful!  God allowed me some time to feel intense grief and loneliness because someone I love is gone from this earth.  He also allowed me to dry my tears and enjoy my church family and not spend my Easter Sunday in the car.  Later, He was faithful to provide opportunities to enjoy my husband, kids and adopted kiddos!  God never leaves us alone in our grief and sadness.  He collects our tears in a bottle, and He sings songs of comfort over us!

I love to imagine climbing up in God’s lap with tears rolling down my face and God rubbing my head, wiping my tears and singing over me.  What a beautiful picture to help me receive His love right into my heart and head!

What six words would God speak to me?

Then I found myself thinking, I wonder what six words God would speak to me in those moments?

You are seen.  You are loved.
Forgiven now abide in my love.
Trust me.  I have a plan.
Rise above the lies you believe.
Walk in freedom and confidence.

[bctt tweet=”What six words would God speak to you today?” username=”kksmith8694″] I’d love to hear what six words you think God might speak to you today!








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