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What One Simple Text Can Do

Do you know the power of one simple text?

I can testify to the power of one simple text.

One simple text can speak life to the receiver.

Every day I have been in treatment for an eating disorder, my phone has buzzed with one simple text each day from a sweet friend. These texts have not been long dissertations. They have been simple texts of encouragement. The power of these texts has been great. They have blessed me and encouraged me beyond words can describe.

One day I received a text message from my mother-in-law. The text began, “I don’t think I’ve told you how proud I am of you.” Wow! These few words have had profound impact in my heart.

Another day I received a text from another friend. This text included a link to this song. Once again, one simple text has a profound impact on my heart.

Another day, a picture of my little girl comes through via a text message. One little picture, in one short text, gave me extra life and encouragement.

[bctt tweet=”God can use one simple text in unimaginable ways.”]

When texts calm anxiety…

When we began to make preparations for me to be gone, we set the iPad up so that Krisann could text me at any time. Who knew that such a simple thing would be such an anxiety reducer?

We have a friend who is working on all the Krisann taxi drivers volunteers. The first day school was back in session and Krisann was going to be taxied by three or four different people in one day, my anxiety was high. I communicated this to my organizing friend, and I was reminded there were two people on standby. They were only a text away. This reminder brought a calmer spirit.

Texts can have a profound impact and can calm anxiety.

Also, texts can share God’s Word with others.

Texts can be a simple way to share God’s message with others. One day my phone lit up with a picture of God’s word.

Friends, there are absolutely no words to adequately expressed how powerful this Scripture passage has been in my life the last couple of days. I’m claiming this as mine. I shall hug my friend’s neck the next time I see her!

[bctt tweet=”God sees, God hears, He is aware, and He comes to rescue and lead.”]

I interpret this God sees me, God hears me, He is aware of my circumstances, and He is right in the big middle leading me through these desert seasons. This is the comfort I am holding onto these days.

I am grateful for the simple texts that God has orchestrated in my life in this season.

I’m not sure I could have done without my simple texts.

I am going to make it my mission to start using my means of messaging to speak life, to calm anxiety, and to share God’s word. If texts have been influential in my life, then I’m confident they can be influential in others’ lives.

Friends, let’s not skip over something simple because we think it’s simple. Let’s do the simple things even when in our minds they seem trivial. One simple text can change a person’s life. One simple conversation has the potential to lead others to Christ. One simple text empowers others to keep on keeping on. One simple __________. You fill in the blank. What is one simple thing you can do to speak life, empower, lead, encourage, bring comfort, etc.?

(Of course, I must be honest. I didn’t elaborate on the texts that I have sent that say things like I’m ready to quit or I don’t like this or I can’t keep doing this, etc. However, I must assure you, there have been plenty of those as well in this desert season.)



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