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Oops! That Didn’t Work

Oops! That didn’t work.

I was so proud of myself for setting up what I thought would be emails straight to your inbox.  To no avail, I failed.  I signed up, and I waited and waited for my email to come, and it didn’t happen, I was so bummed.  I am determined to figure that process out.  Please be patient while I work on the technology side of writing.

However, I didn’t want you to wait on me to figure that out.  So I’ve popped in here today to give you the second in the series of emails.

What an Eating Disorder Did FOR Me

Last week, I shared the ways that my eating disorder convinced me it was good for me.  I know most people think that idea is crazy.  However, an eating disorder comes in and does a lot of convincing that it is your friend.  If you missed that list, you can read it here.  The reality though, it is not your friend.  It is behind the scenes doing everything it can to rob, steal, and kill.

What an Eating Disorder Did TO Me

In treatment, I was able to identify the ways that my eating disorder had done just that to me.  You can read that list here.

A Bit of Normalcy

Since November, I have taken a medication that increases my appetite.  It was useful in getting food in my weary body, it helped me sleep, and reduced my anxiety around food.  It was a much-needed tool in my recovery.  However, I am excited, proud, and scared to say I have quit taking that medicine as directed by my doctor.  Something as simple as getting rid of that medication communicates normalcy to me.

At the same time, it creates a fear, a fear of failure. Just like I failed at getting my emails set up, I am afraid of not being able to eat on my own.  Afraid of disappointing my family.  Afraid of disappointing myself.

However, I’m thankful that God has spoken to my heart.  Medicine or no medicine, email or no email, does not make me a success or a failure. [bctt tweet=”My worth is defined on who He says I am.” username=”Karen_Kay_Smith”] His Word is true and full of promises for us.

God says…

  • I am His and dearly loved.
  • My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • I am a new creature.
  • I have been set free.
  • The peace of God guards my heart and mind.
  • I am being transformed by the renewing of my mind.
  • His grace is sufficient for me

Who does God say you are?  Are you defining yourself by worldly standards or His standards? What promises do you need to hold onto and let them shape your view of yourself?

Standing on Who God Says I Am




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