Home to Pure Craziness and Exhaustion

We arrived home Friday afternoon about 4:30.  It definitely did not take long for Zine to find the bed and sleep for awhile!

And then I got my lesson in taking care of head lice.  It took two and half hours with my aunt and I both working to go through Krisann’s hair.  I suggested a hair cut but she was not too fond of that idea.  And goodness knows, this girl has enough anxiety right now that I don’t need to be adding to.  So we will keep going through strand after strand after strand of LONG hair!!  Thankful to some ladies who came on Thursday to help at my house!!  They did some acts of love for sure!!  Oh my!!

As I literally sobbed and sobbed on Wednesday night and wanted to come home so bad, my pastor said, Karen….I’ve already got Heather getting some help for your kids and your aunt.  You just get to watch and see what God does!!  I didn’t like that answer.  I think I might have cried some more and said but they aren’t mommy!!  But…that’s exactly what happened!  God sent just the right people. And to hear just a few of the stories from my aunt of those that came to the rescue just warmed my heart!  And although I didn’t like it one bit, God did do exactly what Michael said He would do!  Thank you ladies for giving so sacrificially!

So…back to the home front.  After going through Krisann’s hair on Friday evening, I said alright you two big kids….let’s look at your hair…and sure enough I found nits in both of their hairs.  I had no energy to go all through their hair.   We washed hair and that was it.  After the lice session, we did settle down and rest.  Krisann usually sleeps with Zine and I but right now she can’t so that’s proving to be interesting and a bit tiring for me.  It’s much much easier to just let her climb in my bed.  But we did get some pretty good rest!

Saturday, it was non stop.  My Aunt Elaine had come this past week. I had prepared her for what was to be a difficult week just because our kids were stressed and anxious.  Little did I know she would get to deal with head lice!!    🙁  She’ll probably never come back again!!  But she definitely earned some gold stars this week!  We love you Aunt Elaine.  We hope in a few weeks, this whole week will be remembered as a week where God provided for each and every need!  We also hope it will be a bit humorous and not stressful memories!!  We did take moment to take our pictures.  We look like the lunchroom ladies Aunt Elaine said!!

Also on Saturday,  Krisann kept wanting me to hold her and I think she felt bad but had no fever.   It took me almost 5 hours to go through Krisann’s hair.  Every muscle in my back hurt when I was done and my eyes were having a hard time focusing and my head hurt from straining my eyes so much.  I still had Conner and Chloe to do.   I also was washing like crazy and packing stuff away.  Pretty soon my garage will be full and my house will be empty!!   A little after lunch I could tell Conner felt bad and he said I have a bad headache.  We checked his fever and it was almost 100.  He went to sleep which he never does!!  And then I woke him up to check his fever again and it had come up to a bit over 101.  Lovely!  And this…is where I just about lost it!!  Thankful that others recognize when I am beyond functioning and pretty soon help was on the way.  So with a couple ladies help, we finished the nit picking, vacuuming beds, etc. about 5.  Without help it would have been at least 7 or 7:30 before I was done!!  So once again, thank you just not seem adequate!

One of the things that was told to us over and over again was for Zine NOT to be around children.  Unfortunately (in this case), we have 3 of them!!  Kinda impossible!!!  So we did discuss the importance of using masks.  And now….I have one sick.  Definitely raises the fear factor!!

But we are beginning to figure out how to work things.  If there are people here, Zine stays in the bedroom.  Which is okay because he’s weak.  His voice is even weak and shaky so he is resting and sleeping a good bit!  When we go in the bedroom, we wear masks.  We are having others wear masks to try to reduce the risk of bringing in germs.    When it is just our family, we are letting him out of the bedroom some.  But right now…we won’t let him and Conner in the same room!!  We are eating in shifts.  We eat.  Then we wait a little bit for air to circulate through our filter and then we wear masks and Zine comes out to eat!  It is by far not the best family situation to live in.  So…it is definitely still very stressful around here.  Just this part of living in itself would be stressful for the family!  But then add in lice and sickness, it’s just crazy!  But seeing Krisann in her little mask is starting to not shock me as bad!  At first, everytime I saw her put her mask on and go in…it made this big lump in my throat.  But last night, that was getting better.

I truly don’t think I have ever been as exhausted as I have been this week.  There was very little rest!  This was MOST definitely the worst week ever!!  I assure you, we don’t have the ability to do what we have done.  And we don’t have the ability to do what we have to do this next week.  But God continues to sustain us.

I got up very early this morning to finish some work for my aide who is teaching for me next week.  I know when the nit picking continues I will be at it all day so I needed to get stuff to her before that started.  I also just needed some alone time.  I struggled with my perspective on life yesterday.  And my relationship with God has not been at it’s best to say the least lately!  I have been struggling to take truths I know in my head and apply them in my heart.  And yesterday was indeed one of those difficult days!  So I wanted a bit of quiet time alone this morning!  And now everyone is still asleep so I thought I would take a few minutes to update our blog.  Time is priceless around here right now!

Continue to pray for us as we try to figure out how to live life, protect Zine, rid these heads of lice, etc.  And that somehow someway God would give us rest!  That Krisann would sleep in her bed without struggling.  Last night was particularly difficult for her.  That in some unexplainable way, that no one else would get sick!  I’ve had runny nose and scratchy throat but I wouldn’t classify myself as sick yet!  So I’m praying I don’t get down sick!! Pray for Zine as he has just gotten up and is feeling very, very weak!

My work must begin.  Zine needs meds.  We need some breakfast!  And then it is time to start hair and laundry and vaccuming!   Once again, I’m thankful that once again God has provided a sweet lady who is going to come just help from the beginning today!  Hopefully doing it that way, I will have a bit of time to be with Zine before the day is over.  Staying in a room almost 24/7 with no company is very depressing!  So pray for his emotions as well!



Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.

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