First Urology Appt, Glasses, And Then…

November 14, a new doctor, a new office, and a new place in life…once again!  Here is an update from this event in our lives.

I have been trying to decide what details to put in this post without writing a book. And to be honest in a way it is very private stuff. So how much are we willing to share had to be discussed. We met with urologist for what we thought would be prep for a procedure. However, what we discovered is that we have three different issues. One is the issue went for, spasticity in bladder. What we discovered in addition is bladder is not voiding at all. Compared it to a dam and the only thing coming out was the overflow. He also has some type of infection as well. So they put a cath in. He will keep that until a week from Monday and we will go back for some further testing. At that point we will have a more clear plan for what future holds. Our ramp remote quit working! Had to go order one of those. It can’t be fixed. Thats a necessity for Zine to be able to go on his own. Then to eye dr where we discovered that Zines left eye is very significantly impaired. We will be going tomorrow to get glasses, not enough time today to accomplish that. He also has oncologist appt on Dec 1.

Another downer day for us.  Can’t even put into words feelings and emotions.  We feel totally broken!  

The next day is Saturday!  On Nov. 15 after several days of not even functioning, having life as we know it fall apart, struggling with God and our situation, something happened.

The And then…

We are at the glasses store.  Because my husband who has had perfect vision now needs trifocals due to the stupid disease called MS!  Yes….it is a stupid disease that robs people of so many things!

But when we returned from a family outing to the glasses store because one knows that you need five opinions of which glasses look best..

(By the way, I think he looks pretty handsome in glasses!)

Upon return home…I found a blessing!!  My sweet friend Londa, had come to my house and rescued it from the clutter and cleaned it!  Was it perfect…no!  But it was a FAR cry from where it was when she walked in!  Immediately, I felt better!  There were no dishes in the sink.  The stacks and stacks of junk had been straightened or at least put together in one spot!  The floors didn’t have dog hair all over them.  It was such a blessing.

How could I ever deserve that blessing?  More than that, how did I ever agree to let her come?!  

Well, I wasn’t asked if she could come.  I was told she was coming!  Sometimes when people are struggling, they don’t know what they need!  Sometimes we just need people to do things for us!  If God prompts your heart…be obedient and not scared!  The day after we saw the neurologist I got an email asking if we needed some meals to be brought in.  My response…I don’t think so.  The results…a friend prompted by God set up a mealtrain for us.  Meals begin to fill my home several days a week.  Needed…didn’t think so!  Blessed by them…absolutely!  As a matter of fact for weeks, those visits and meals were instrumental in keeping us  moving forward.    I’m so thankful for the friends in my life who see a need and just do it!  So if you ever find yourself in a situation wondering if you should do something, the answer is YES!

And what about deserving such a blessing??  Well, the truth is…I really don’t!  These were gifts because people loved us and wanted to demonstrate their love.  Did it solve our problems?  No.  But it did comfort our hearts and help propelling us forward!  Kind of reminds me of salvation.  Did I deserve Jesus dying on the cross for me?  NO!!  It was a gift that I wanted to receive!  I desired it!!  Thank you Jesus for that ultimate sacrifice despite my unworthiness and thank you Jesus for placing people in our lives to demonstrate your love to us!  Help us be willing to embrace and accept gifts from others.


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.