Everyday is different

Yesterday I didn’t even have energy to post an update.  Therapy was really hard yesterday.  Zine was exhausted.  And very down and out.  So he didn’t even want visitors last night.  He was just spent physically and emotionally!  Today has been a better day than yesterday.  But yesterday was indeed bad!

Zine is progressing well with his therapy.  He’s stronger than he was on Wednesday. His transfers are getting much better.  He’s doing awesome from bed to chair and chair to bed.  Still haven’t mastered the chair to commode and back transfer.  He worked on it during PT today but then we did it tonight it did not work too well.   More practice is definitely needed.  Please please pray that we can go home mid week.  We know we are here until at least Wednesday.  They told us today most people were here about two weeks.  So we want to beat that and leave here in one week.

Zine is miserable with a UTI yet again!  I asked the dr. to do a urinalysis today and sure enough, there’s a big bad ugly infection.  Of course it has to grow 72 hours to know which antibiotic to treat with.  But tonight he is very miserable.  As I type I have just called for the nurse to see if there are any other options to give him some relief tonight.

We have cried more tears together this week than I think we ever have.

And my eyes may never be the same…

The night those two pictures were taken is no doubt, the worst night of our entire lives.    We don’t understand many things!  We are devoted to each other and love each other greatly.  But with that means we hurt deeply.  And it was almost more than we could bear.  We have definitely been broken together.

We are both very ready to have our little family all back together.   We know that Easter Sunday is going to be a very difficult day.  We had planned for Easter Sunday to be our first Sunday back at church as a family!  But…that’s obviously not happening.  So we are all saddened at not being together.  And we have always celebrated Easter all week leading up to Easter.  It has been our big holiday.  This year…well..needless to say we’ve missed out on all our family fun!

I had the idea of asking our sweet Kimble friends to just go have fun with our kids and dye easter eggs.  And from the pictures it looked like they had a great time!

For me balancing time with my kids and time with Zine is a constant battle.   I either feel miserable when I am away from Zine or I feel guilty when I am away from my kids.   Zine and I have definitely needed each other this week.  Our emotions have been so spent that we could barely function for a few days without each other.  We were very dependent on each other.  And….I think that’s really how God intended it to be.  Two people become one flesh!

Yesterday Chloe and I had a picnic in the blue bus together.  It was our quiet time together and that was good for her and I to be together.

This week Krisann has been going to drama camp all week at Fantasy Playhouse.  So this afternoon was her little show.  So I skipped out on PT today to go watch her.  She did a fantastic job.  She was super proud of herself!!

And then I spent a few hours with all the kids!  They were crazy couple of hours!! But nonetheless, we saw each other and accomplished some things!

Tomorrow is a new day and everyday is different.  We shall see what it brings!!

Please pray tonight for some relief for Zine or else it might be a long night!

Keep praying that the transfers could be mastered, that our emotional state will be strengthened each day, that our strong faith will be restored, that our children will be transformed and not scarred by the events going on in our lives lately, and pray for Easter Sunday for our family.  We are ALL dreading it already!!


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.