Coronavirus from my Perspective

Like many of you, I watch and read news multiple times a day concerning the details of the Coronavirus.  I scroll social media and see the numerous posts regarding what we now know as COVID-19, and remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I had some friends ask me this week about my thoughts on the Coronavirus from the perspective of having multiple health issues in my family.

Here are the cold hard facts:  if my husband, my son, or even my oldest daughter were to contract the Coronavirus, there is a possibility that they would not survive.  Can I say for sure it would end their life?  Nope, but what I can say is that they all have increased risks to complications.  My son has an immune deficiency that leaves him at a much higher risk of being affected by the Coronavirus than the healthy population.  My husband and oldest daughter have disorders that affect their ability to cough normally, thus being susceptible to developing pneumonia, which could take their life.  Zine, in particular, has a weakened body, and when an extra germ invades his system, his body begins to shut down its ability to do even the most basic of tasks.

My husband made his advanced directives several years ago and has made it clear on multiple occasions that he desires no life-saving procedures or medication, which I intend to honor.  Five years ago, I stood beside his hospital bedside and honored his request, and I will do it again if I must.

Let those facts sink in for a few minutes.  Most of us can look at the Coronavirus as a cold virus that does not need to be feared.  However, when you dwell on the obvious facts of my family, one can see why there would be a concern in my heart.

Frantic Fearfulness?

Am I frantically fearful of the Coronavirus?  Absolutely not.  I’ve not bought 50 containers of Clorox wipes.  I’ve not even bought 5.  Do I have one container?  Absolutely.  Even having increased complications with the virus, there is no hysteria in my home nor my heart.

Are we to blame the media for frantic fearfulness?

I don’t blame the news media for the hysteria at the supermarkets.  I don’t recall them reporting it’s time to stock up on rice and beans.  People have created that hysteria for themselves.  We are each responsible for taking in information, filtering it through our filing cabinets, and using the brain God gave us to make wise decisions.  The news media can say what they like; however, you are responsible for the actions you take.  By all means, I support having supplies on hand, but I don’t recommend hoarding supplies that will be flippantly tossed away unused in the months to come.

In this season, I am reminded of one of my mom’s top ten responses.  Anytime we desired to participate in an event, and we reasoned with her by telling her who else was attending, she always had the same answer.  “If ________ was going to jump off a bridge, would you?”  She taught me that just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean we have to join them.  We are responsible for the choices we make, not the news media.  Unfortunately, we live in an age where people do not take responsibility for their own actions; their actions are always blamed on someone or something else.

Overwhelming Anxiety?

We all have different levels of anxiety.  Some of us live with high levels of anxiety and don’t even realize it. (I used to be one of those people.)  Due to counseling over the years, we have learned to identify anxiety and its effects on our lives.  This last week, our youngest has experienced high anxiety. We often know she has anxiety by specific responses such as:  not sleeping in her bed, cries easily, and reaches frustration level quickly.  As I began to see these responses in her, I knew, anxiety was high.

One evening as we were having our night time talks and prayers, I began to try to help her identify what might be causing her increased anxiety.  I came up with every stressful part of her life that I could think of, and she responded, “I don’t think so,” to each one of the possible anxiety causing circumstances.  Finally, in a comical sort of way, I asked, “Is it the Coronovirus?”  And immediately, her demeanor changed, her face had this confirming look, and she said, “maybe.”

I talked to her about how children are not super susceptible to this virus.  She responded, “I know, and that’s bad.”  I then questioned why it was terrible.  She articulated quite thoughtfully, “that means their parents are getting it.”  Yes, friends, my ten-year-old was thinking much more deeply than I desired.  She’s no dummy; she knew what I knew.  If her dad obtains the Coronavirus, he will most likely not survive.  That’s a heavyweight for a ten-year-old to carry.

I, myself, at times, have struggled with my anxiety as it relates to the Coronavirus.  However, when those anxiety rising thoughts come to my mind, I implement techniques that I have learned and practiced over the years to capture those thoughts before they cause me to feel overwhelmed.  I also remind myself of how God has been faithful in the past, so I can be confident that He will be faithful in the future.

The truth is, God is in control of all things, and that includes the Coronavirus.  His will is not always our will.  His plans are not always our plans.  However, He sees a much larger picture than I can ever imagine.  Early this week, I told my family, “I have two words.  Read Revelation.”  However, the Scripture I was thinking about is actually in the Gospels.  “There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.” Luke 21:11 NIV (emphasis added by me)

His Purpose

God promises us that there will be things such as the Coronavirus as we near His return.  His return is so magnificent; I cannot fathom, a much larger picture than I can imagine.  Thinking of the effects of the virus could be disheartening and confusing to think about why God would allow His creation to experience such disasters.  However, do not forget, God used plagues as part of His great plan to deliver the Israelites out from slavery.  God will use this pandemic to bring about His purpose in our world, in our cities, in our homes, and our hearts.

When God does His Greatest Works

As I directed the conversation with my youngest, I reminded her, and I remind you that amid disaster, chaos, and pain, God does His most significant works.  It’s amid frantic fear, extreme pain, uncertainty, overwhelming anxiety, etc. that our hearts are most open to God working in our hearts.  It’s been in these types of moments in my life that I see heart changes in myself.  I recall a night that I physically limped into a hotel room, hunched over from emotional pain, and experienced one of my greatest encounters with Jesus.  I would NOT want to go back through the events that led me to a hotel room, but I will NEVER forget the encounter I had that night and the change that happened in my heart.

His Grace is Sufficient

I went on to encourage my daughter, that God makes a promise to us.  He promises that in our weakness, His grace is sufficient. (2 Corinthians 12:9)  When we are weak, His power shines through us. If the Coronavirus affects our home, His grace will be sufficient.  His power will be manifested in and through us.  When we look into the future and predict, it does feel overwhelming.  However, the truth is we aren’t there yet.  Therefore, we haven’t experienced His sufficient grace for that circumstance.  If we arrive at that place, His grace will be sufficient.

So while anxiety is normal in times such as these, we need to remember that [bctt tweet=”God is about accomplishing His purposes and displaying His power in the midst of the Coronavirus” username=”Karen_Kay_Smith”].  When we can see the Coronavirus from this perspective, it reduces our anxiety.  However, we are humans, and sometimes our thoughts overwhelm us.  Perfection is not expected; progression in capturing our thoughts is expected with every circumstance.

Too many precautions?

Schools closing, events rescheduled, lives put on hold, can undeniably be an inconvenience and disappointment in many homes.  I can understand that thought.  I, too, have thought, what a pain at times.

However, from a family who has legitimate concerns about the Coronavirus let me share:

  • I am grateful that UAH is going to online classes.  It is a huge protection for my son.  Skipping classes out of fear of the Coronavirus would not have been conducive to good grades.  Therefore, when the decision became public, I breathed a sigh of relief.
  • I am grateful that doctor’s offices are working hard not to allow waiting rooms to be overflowing, and hospitals are looking for ways to lessen the risk of exposure, thus reducing the risk of contracting the Coronavirus.  Yesterday, I sat in a doctor’s office with Zine, and it was the quietest the waiting room has been that I can remember. I gave God praise for protection.
  • My youngest is homeschooled, so we do not have the problem of public schools closing.  However, I am grateful that she does not have homeschool gatherings for the next few weeks to reduce the risk of bringing home the virus to my other family members.  Yes, she is sad that her gatherings are canceled. If school was happening, we would still go because we are committed individuals in this household.    Therefore, I’m thankful for at least the next couple of weeks there is protection offered.

Am I going to leave my house?

I will continue to live life as it entails.  If I need groceries, I will purchase groceries.  I utilize online ordering and pick up as a part of my regular life, so that will be no different.  If my family needs medication, I pray that pharmacists are well enough to continue to fill medications.   I pray that hospitals will be able to respond appropriately to those affected.  If life demands a trip to the pharmacy or the hospital, I will get out.  If Krisann’s gymnastics is not canceled, I will continue to take her to gymnastics and wash hands often.  I will plan to worship and wash hands if church continues to convene!  Washing feet is Biblical.  Washing hands may become the new washing of feet!  🙂

So, yes, I will think about my trips outside my home and make wise choices, but I will in no way enter my home and not leave for the next month.  (That would be an unhealthy paranoia for me.)

What about small businesses?

I do believe that small businesses are going to take a huge hit.  I hope that the government puts wonderful plans in place for assistance to these businesses.  If you’ve not prayed for our countries leaders before, now is a great time to begin.  I have found myself praying MORE than ever for our leaders over the past few days.  They have been heavy on my heart as they make decisions that affect our entire nations.

Another thought process I have is a two or three-week hit to our schools and businesses is a small price to pay as our country seeks to limit the opportunity for exposure and transmission of this virus.  We want to protect our healthcare workers as much as possible, and we want them to be able to do their jobs well.

Yet, a third thought process is that when we consider the Coronavirus could cause sicknesses for months in the future if exposure is not limited, a few weeks is a small price to pay for the protection of your employees in the months to come.  Notice the wordage–weeks vs. months. A two week incubation period means that for months the virus can wreak havoc in our lives without preventive measures.

Consider Your Complaining

When you are complaining about your inconveniences in life, please remember an inconvenience in some homes can quickly become a dangerous sickness or even death.  May we live with our inconveniences as a way to demonstrate to others less fortunate than you that they are loved and cared for.

I hope that a viewpoint from a home that has reason to fear the Coronavirus will help you see the benefits of your inconveniences and broaden your understanding of the impacts of a virus, especially a virus that is known to cause pneumonia and affect those with weakened immune systems.  Our society is much different from other societies.  In South Korea, it is not uncommon to see someone wearing a mask or gloves protecting them from transmitting sickness.  In America, that same person would be shunned.  Our societies are different, thus our response to this virus may be different as well.

When you pray, pray not only for your leaders to make wise decisions, but pray for those that or at great risk for the greatest complications of the Coronavirus.












Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.