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Just a normal week…almost!

This week has in most ways just been a normal week!


Monday Chloe saw her local neurologist.  We started Chloe on a low dose of the drug we give her in the ER to see if we can use it as a preventive medicine.  It does come with long term side effects.  But we made the decision quality of life was most important at this point.  So we are hopeful that this will bring some relief.  The medicine we get in the ER, well, looks like when she gets miserable we will just be making trips to the ER.  Does not appear to be another way at this point.  Quite a bummer for her!!

Tuesday she woke up with an incredibly bad ear ache.  After a visit to the pediatrician, she was diagnosed with an ear infection.  She has been struggling more so with allergies the last few weeks, so the pediatrician thinks that is what caused her infection.  It’s not swimmer’s ear because she hasn’t been swimming but twice this year.

The rest of the week Chloe has done well.  Got that antibiotic to going and her ear felt better.  Her head has not been excruciating so we can’t complain about the ending of her week.

She is going to MDA camp this next week.  We are praying for all headaches to stay away so that she can enjoy her time away!


Zine has had a fairly quiet week medically speaking.  He still has therapists coming twice a week.  But other than that, no extra appointments.  Zine is now on his maintenance dose of blood thinners so that is going well.  He remains pretty fatigued.  He naps every day.  And he has been pretty cold lately.  I often find him covered up!  One day I even found him with the covers over his head!  However, he promises that wasn’t because he was cold…he says he was hiding from a fly!  Lol!  But this is where he naps and bundles up regularly!  Zine is struggling with some tummy issues.  Not exactly sure why, but we continue to watch and try to figure out if there is a reason that we can put our fingers on.



Krisann turned 8 on Friday!  What a blessing she has been.

I love watching her mature.  But with that come a deeper understanding of heartache.  Earlier in the week, Krisann looked at me and said, if God sees my pain and it breaks His heart, then why does God not heal my daddy?  No mom is ever prepared for questions such as these!!

In the face of such questions, I utter a quick prayer that I respond appropriately!  I drew her close and told her that God always wanted His glory and power to be displayed in the world.  In our human minds, we think that healing dad would show His power.  But that for us to continue to trust and love God in the middle of hard things also showed His power and glory.  I reminded her that God’s ways were higher than our ways and even for me, I didn’t understand God’s plan!  That seemed to satisfy for the moment.  But I assure you that answer is rolling over and over in her mind and she is trying to make sense and process that!



We never see him now.  He’s working two jobs and partying hard.  We are thinking he better enjoy his partying because college is starting in the near distant future and the amount of socializing time is hopefully going to be reduced!  He still comes to my relief when I need him.  I love this guy and am amazed at the man he is becoming.  Yes, there are a few things that I could beat him over but  that’s just being a mom and an 18 year old!


I have continued to stay busy taking care of the demands of  life and I also am in the middle of a big project that I am very excited about.  I am preparing to go to a conference the middle of July that is taking some prep work on my part.  Taking a step of faith and following Jesus into unknown territory is quite intimidating.  I’m stepping out in faith in prepping and going to this conference.

I’ve also had to embrace some personal fears and walk with Jesus this week in a couple of other places.  I looked at someone on Wednesday and said I know God has called me to love, but to be honest, I’m afraid.  I’m afraid to love others and know the end result could mean pain.  However, God calls us to step out of our comfort zone and reach out to others not like us and show His love.  As I have embraced that idea this week, God has really filled me with a peace that passes all understanding.  I am thankful for that peace in the middle of fear and uncertainty.  I don’t feel led to share details of either of those experiences, but I share to let you know that God is doing a work in my heart no doubt!  Everyone deserves to be loved no matter what!

Doing the difficult

Zine and I had to do something very difficult this week that was out of the ordinary!  I posted a picture and asked for you guys to pray for us.  Thank you so much!  God definitely did answer prayers.  In the big scheme of life, what we did was a small business matter.  But for us, it stirred up A LOT of emotion!  It was a task that we were dreading and had put off for as long as possible.  Even in that difficult, God was gracious to protect us and to fill us with His strength when ours was weak!  Thank you for praying!

Summer Time

We are spending some time enjoying our summer.  After dinner games with my girls outside!  Grilling!  Impromptu Outings and Field Trips.  Pool time with Krisann.  Our summer has been very busy with not a lot of time for enjoyment, but we are grabbing those opportunities we have to enjoy our summer!



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