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A few days ago, Zine said, I really really want to do something fun with the kids before I have chemo!  And we discussed the importance of such event.  However, finding time to go and do something fun is near impossible.  Much less to say…going somewhere is just hard!  Plainly put hard!!!  However, this was something that needed to happen!  So, I went to work!!!  We typically do plan things for Sunday but since that was the ONLY day I could find over the next two weeks to do such, it had to be Sunday!!  So when Conner got off work yesterday, we left town.  Mind you, we NEVER EVER do things like this!  And I went way out of my comfort zone as well.  Conner didn’t get off work until 4.  It was almost 4:45 when he got home.  He showered and we left home at 5:20.  I don’t like to drive in the dark but off we went to Chattanooga!

We arrived in time to eat dinner together that evening.


  I won’t say how many phone calls it took me on Friday to find a room!  But with a little help from a friend, it was finally found! The little things that makes traveling hard that most people don’t even think about!  But needless to say, an accessible room, an extra air bed taken with us, and a little fun was had by all!

 Being away from home is just hard. It’s harder for Zine to be independent.  I typically don’t sleep well.  But there is something in it for kids, that makes things more special when you spend the night away!  So…we did!!

And then on Sunday, we took the kids to the Tennessee Aquarium.  Krisann has never been before.  Our older two have only gone once in their lives and Chloe doesn’t even remember it!!  So it was a great family outing.  It was inside.  Wheelchairs moved around well!  And we did indeed have a great time.

After spending a whole day at the aquariums, we were feeling quite tired and hungry.  In a downtown area, do you know how hard it is to go to a restaurant and it be big enough for not one but two wheelchairs.  But can I say, the people at the itty bitty establishment we ate at were super duper nice and accommodating!  It truly was a blessing!

It was a nice meal together!  Much thanks to those workers who went right to work on accommodating my big clan!!  Not only were there two wheelchairs, but Krisann was crying.  She was SOOOO thirsty!  And the sweet hostess said, come on how about you go with me and we will fix you a drink.  She took Krisann with her to go get a drink while we waited for a table to be cleared and fixed for us where we could pull in wheelchairs.  Truly, truly a blessing to all of us they were!
The weekend came with many emotions to say the least.  There were definitely some thoughts and emotions we all struggled with.  But I am grateful Zine had the desire to do something fun with his kids!  And I’m grateful to have got to see them enjoy each other!  And am grateful to have had this weekend to share together as a family!  Life is full of struggles, but it’s super nice to take 24 hours and to put your focus on something other than your struggle!
But never fear, it didn’t take long before the struggle was in our face again!
But this time it was a serious conversation in a room other than the red room!  This was definitely a photo moment!!  This NEVER happens either!  All serious conversations are had in the red room.  As a matter of fact, if you know the inside scoop you will understand, in the middle of this discussion Krisann came to the red room with a flyswat!!  LOL!!
Zine told me I could not post a picture of him with red eyes.  But…I don’t think you can tell his eyes are red!!  You might can tell mine had been leaky!  But he managed to cover his red eyes very well! 
Now…after all that…I need about a week to recover!  It’s hard work to be away!  But with as tired as I am….I am still grateful to just take the past 24 hours to focus on family without distractions!
And despite MS, despite the struggles it brings, despite the dread of upcoming chemo, despite the serious conversations…this guy…
I absolutely adore!  And I am blessed to be able to walk this road with him!  Sure wish I could take the pain and heartache away, but I will gladly bear it with this guy!!  Wouldn’t want any other woman in the world to walk this road with him!  So I’m thankful that I get to be the one to endure and bear this struggle of MS and all it brings!


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.

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  1. Zine

    Things would have been fine and unnoticed still you TOLD everyone! Gosh, sometimes she listens like a man.

  2. Karen

    Oh hush!!! You gave me permission to use those pictures!! Ha!! So…don't be trying to throw me under the bus after all those nice things I said about you at the end!!! I might take them back!!

  3. Renee

    The last picture is a great one of Zine. Glad you had a nice family getaway

  4. Renee

    The last picture is a great one of Zine. Glad you had a nice family getaway

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