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Unexpected Space

Our calendars are full, our lives are busy, but sometimes God gives us unexpected space.  Moments to catch our breath.  To think.  To breathe a little bit easier.  Unplug and reboot.

Unexpected Space

And that’s precisely what happened this week.  This week, some viral germs invaded Krisann’s body.  She developed an incredibly sore throat and hasn’t moved or talked much for two days.

Unexpected Space

I’m sad she is sick, but there has been an unexpected space created by this sickness.  All of a sudden, there is time with no appointments, no homeschool, simply quiet.

Often when quiet moments enter my life, I do not know what to do with them.  Quiet moments are so rare that they make me uncomfortable.  Surely, there are things I should be doing.  It feels wrong to be quiet and have a rest day in the middle of the week. Anxiety wells deep within my heart when quiet moments enter.  I need to fill that time with a different task.  Can you relate?

This week God said, “Unplug. Reboot. I’ve given you unexpected space for a reason.”  And you know what?  I listened and obeyed.

Unplug. Reboot.

Each time, I listen and obey the whisper to unplug and reboot, God always reminds me it is from this overflow that I can serve others.

Yesterday, I sat on my sofa all afternoon.  I did mindless things like scroll Facebook and play Candy Crush.  I also spent some time in His Word, reading an upcoming book about meditating on God’s Word, and working on a chapter of my book.  My favorite part of that time was to be quiet.  Give God time to speak, allow myself time to dream dreams in His presence, and ask Him what lines up with His will.  I soaked up His presence in my life.  The unexpected space was good for my soul.


We were up a good bit last night with Krisann’s fever and sore throat.  Therefore, this morning, we slept late, which in return meant I was way late in getting out for my morning exercise time.  Krisann being sick kept us from our usual Thursday Classical Conversations community day, so I had plenty of time to sleep late, exercise, and still have the majority of today for accomplishing tasks.

While I was out walking, a neighbor called.  She needed help.  She asked if there was any way I could stay with her husband, who is suffering from unrelenting cancer and on hospice.  Want to know my answer?  Absolutely.  God gave me unexpected space yesterday to unplug and reboot. And today, he allowed me to serve out of that overflow.  Not only did I serve out of that overflow, but I was blessed again in the serving.

I love how God is always at work in our lives.  A viral infection that seemed like a nuisance gave me unexpected space and a day out of school provided open space to serve happily.

How can you create space in your life to unplug and reboot?  I’m looking for ways to do that in my crazy life!  God has taught me this week that creating space is a good thing.  I think He said, “Finally. She learns.  Slowly but she eventually learns.”




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