Thankful for People Smarter than Me

Tonight, I’m thankful for the people involved in Zine’s care that are smarter than me.  All-day long, I’ve felt helpless and grateful.  I don’t know what to do, but others do.  Doctors think of things that haven’t even crossed my mind.  Therapists show different ways to transfer that seems backward to me, but hey, she’s smarter than me, so I will be trying her way.  This is a humbling experience.

Cullman Trip

The occupational therapist had walked me through how to travel with Zine.  I followed wisdom, put a blanket underneath his leg and pillows surrounding it.  Zine said it was much better than the last time I took him out.  So all in all, we did have some bumps, but they weren’t unbearable.

Dr. L is special to us.  I think we are special to him as well, but he probably makes every patient feel special.  He approved surgery, so to speak.  He wants them to do something to get Zine back to using his leg as soon as possible.  I asked that difficult question, “Is surgery worth it?  Will Zine ever rehabilitate?”  Although he did try to offer hope, he didn’t assure us that Zine would be fine.  The longer Zine is non-weight bearing, the more likely that rehabilitation will be unsuccessful.  But if the surgeon could do something that would get Zine back to using his leg quickly, then there is still hope of rehabilitation. I didn’t get warm fuzzies that all would be fine in a few weeks.  But I didn’t feel like it was all gloom and doom.  I think the future lies in God’s hands.  Isn’t that always true, though?

Dr. L also thought of some things that will, hopefully, make caregiving easier.  Zine is very “spastic.” We have welcomed that spasticity because that is what has given him the ability to pivot and transfer.  However, he’s not able to pivot and transfer right now, and the spasticity makes it much more difficult to move him and position him in bed.  Dr. L says now we need to reduce that spasticity to make caregiving easier.  I am up for anything that might give me some relief.  Therefore, there are several medicine changes we are making.  I’m saying my prayers that they bring some caregiving relief.  Never would I have thought about this aspect!  Thank you, Jesus, for those who have greater knowledge than I do.

As he was getting ready to leave the room, he stopped in front of me and asked about my medical issues.  He watched me waste away to nothing, and knew that I went to eating disorder treatment.  He knows that I am a “stress no eater.”  We discussed my dad passing away and Zine’s leg break being a perfect storm for that doggone eating disorder to take over.  Then he gave me his best medical advice.  If you will eat burritos, eat them for breakfast.  Keep your freezer stocked.  Just don’t stop eating!  I love Dr. L!

Physical Therapy

When physical therapy came today, I felt a tiny bit of relief.  I felt like she was for me.  She took quite a long time to help me with Zine’s bed and made adjustments to it.  I didn’t know his bed could even do some things she showed me, and we’ve had that bed for five years!

She taught me some techniques that will help in transferring and positioning in bed.  We ordered some positioning pillows and wedges.  We ordered a different sling for the Hoyer lift.  We worked with the Hoyer lift, practiced using it, and moving it.  She told Zine that some things were going to have to change for what we hope is a temporary time.  It’s much better for her to give that information than me! He doesn’t like this new way of life and doing things, but He is the most accomodating patient ever.  If a medical professional says to do something, then he will do it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit that gene.

Pain and Exhaustion

With the new pain medicine routine, it is giving Zine some relief.  Nighttime is still the most difficult because he can’t get comfortable.  However, the new positioning pillows will hopefully help with that.  He hates that I have to get up and take care of him, and move his legs or roll him over.

I am struggling with exhaustion. Little sleep and lots of muscle work make me tired.  I’m getting a better workout that one could ever imagine getting at the gym.


My brother surprised me with a little visit today, and that boosted my spirits. He is quite the encourager.  My other brother called today as well.  I’m thankful for those two guys.  We’ve walked through a lot of hard things together, and I think we get closer as we do.  It makes me sad that some families fall apart when tough times happen.  I’m so thankful that we have grown closer together through challenging days.

Krisann has needed a lot of attention tonight.  I don’t have the energy for that.  But I have worked on giving it.

We continue to cherish your prayers!  And a meal train is coming soon!


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.