Surgery Happened

Zine had a horrid morning.  He was in SOOOO much pain.  He has laid in this bed, not talked, and kept a pillow over his face.  I do NOT like my guy being so sick!

In pre op they gave him an ice bag to go over his eyes and he really liked that.  They gave him something in surgery to take care of the horrid headache he had had.  Surgery took right at an hour.  The doctor said the gallbladder was full of gallstones so it was definitely the right decision to take it out.  Unfortunately, the surgeon said without a doubt, the gallbladder did not cause the pancreatitis.  The pancreatitis was definitely caused by the chemo…even though it is not listed as a possible side effect.  But there is no doubt in the doctors minds here that is where it came from!

Since coming back to room, Zine has pretty well just laid here with his eyes closed….but the pillow is not over his face.  He has a sore throat!  And he is in a lot of pain still!  Think he may have two different kinds of pain!  One from the pancreas and now one from the surgery.  He rolls his head over ever once in awhile and looks at me.  Sometimes he will say something, but most of the time he just looks and then closes his eyes again.  

He asked for pain medicine earlier this evening and it was still two hours before he could have it.   He gets pain meds in his IV.  He also gets zofran in his IV.  He is getting IV antibiotics.  And today they had to give him magnesium because his magnesium levels were down.  He also gets protonics in his IV as well.  That port is getting put to very good use right now!  His heart rate is running high but that is just from pain.  His blood pressure is good and his oxygen level is good.

His enzymes need to come on down to normal range, and he needs to be able to tolerate some type of caloric intake.  He has had no calories by mouth since Friday about 5 pm.

One of the major concerns for him after surgery is developing pneumonia so we are definitely praying against that!

The kids came up for a couple of hours tonight.  They are all needing mommy loves.  Even my Conner said I’m never too big to sit in your lap!  And he piled right on up in my lap for some attention!  I tried to give all three of them a little bit of one on one time.  Zine hardly spoke to them at all but at least we were all in the same room!  And at least I got some time with them!!

When they got ready to go, Krisann had a very hard time.  I walked to the elevator and we had to have a pep talk.  And with as much effort as I had, I stood there in front of the elevator and prayed with Krisann!  Oh my mama heart…don’t cry be calm!!!  Conner was SOOOOO good with her too.  And I know when he took her she was sad but she wasn’t totally falling apart!  I can’t imagine how hard this is for her!!!  There was a man sitting in the chairs at the elevators and when they got on elevator and I turned around, tears were brimming in his eyes.  He said one simple sentence but it definitely touched my heart!

My sweet Chloe is having a really hard time.  She had a rough visit at the doctors this past week.  Only to come home and have her world rocked again with her daddy.  My heart is hurting so much for her.  She’s got a lot to process.  She and I visited together for just a little bit tonight.  But we are in need of several processing conversations!

  So….you’ve gotten a glimpse into our day!  I have just spent 30 minutes doing a recorded class for my students tomorrow.  30 min is much shorter than 2 hours, but at least they got a little teaching!  And yep….I did it looking like this!  I don’t think make up will even make this face pretty right now!!  I am weary and exhausted!  When I enter function mode, I shut the emotions down because it’s easier to function.  But today, those crazy emotions started rising to the surface!  But….I just wasn’t ready to go there yet.  I’ve let some tears slide but I’m about to have to have a good long crying session I think! Sure am glad that I know that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness.  And that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  I assure you that we have only walked the past three months because of His strength.  When I sent my baby off tonight after praying that God would comfort her and she would remember that He lived in her heart…that was MOST DEFINITELY God’s strength.  Chloe is definitely an example of God upholding and strengthening her right now.  I know she feels weak, but I know the truth!!  God is at work even in her life!  And Conner…that guy never ceases to amaze me.    And I absolutely loved the hugs I got yesterday and I loved him climbing up in my lap tonight and showing me his guitar book!!  I pray all the time for my kids that the trials of life would transform them and not scar them!  And tonight that seems to be heavy on my heart!  God, please transform my children to be more like you and protect them from deep scars as we go through life together!


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.