Some things should be classified

Some things that happen at our home should be classified information but they are not!  Sometimes in the face of struggles, one just has to laugh.  And that’s exactly what I did tonight.  I could have very easily cried.  But I didn’t…just laughed!

Zine’s cath bag has developed a leak.   And I don’t have an extra.  So today I like triple bagged it.  Unfortunately as the day has gone on, the leak has gotten worse.  I can’t even find the hole where it is leaking.  This is most definitely faulty equipment.  Tonight when Zine went to get ready for bed, he picked his triple bagged cath bag up and set it in his lap to come to the bathroom.  Well, the triple bagged cath bag…it leaked all over him.  So now his jeans are wet.  And I have the privilege of going through the triple bagged cath bag to get the cath bag out.  Zine is looking around feeling a bit stressed and asks what are we even going to do.  I said never worry I have a plan.  So I washed the outside of his cath bag in the sink.   I disposed of the triple bags in a trash bag, tied up, put in the larger trash bag, tied up and taken outside to the large trashcan.  Then I washed my hands with soap.  I put his cath bag in a bucket!  But when I put the bucket on the floor, I noticed under the sink where I had just washed my hands is the soapy water I just washed my hands with.  Really??   Why in the world would it be on the floor underneath the sink?  Oh and my toilet handle is frustrating me too!  Guess my plumbing skills may not be that great!  But you know what, as I was on my hands and knees cleaning urine and soapy water  out of the floor, I just laughed.   It’s a zoo here sometimes!

So for tonight…

Zine has gotten a shower at 11:30 at night!  That wasn’t in the plan…but oh well!  On the bright side we won’t have to do that in the morning…hopefully!   And…

The cath bag is placed nicely in a bucket.  These buckets are typically known as our throw up buckets.  But tonight it is changing its role to the new and improved cath bag container.


And not only that, it has now been securely sealed inside a trash bag.  Placed on top of a towel and waterproof pad just in case there could be further incidents.
And for tomorrow…
I think an early morning run to get new cath bag is in order.  And then…I have to go to Birmingham for a follow up with my jaw surgeon.  But at least before I go, the cath bag crisis will be solved…hopefully!
And for the record….I did not make this story up!  Zine says it sounds like “you made that up no one’s life could be like that.”  My response:  “Guess what baby?  We’re special!!  Our lives get to be like that!  And tonight….we are just going to laugh.”



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