Our Arrival in Columbus

We left home about 6:15 Tuesday morning.  Drove to Nashville to catch a plane.  Getting through security was a bit stressful with a wheelchair and Chloe’s a pap machine gave us issues as well.  Very nice lady gave me some pointers for return flight in effort to keep bag from being pulled and gone through.  Finally through security things settled down.  Still unsure about having Chloe’s power chair, we check in at gate.  Pretty soon a young lady rolled over in her power chair and we began to talk.  We soon discovered she liked to travel and knew the system well.  So we told Emily God must have sent her to us.  Emily grew up going to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  She was sure a help in airport!!  Thank you Emily for sharing part of your story with us and giving us such great assurance and insight!!

Guess what picked us up?  Not our blue bus…but a yellow bus!!  Check it out!  We were excited when we saw that this was the vehicle!!

Our taxi driver was even nice enough to stop at Wendy’s for some much needed lunch!!
Check in here at the lovely Ronald McDonald House went very smoothly.  Really, even with all my complaining, this was exactly where God wanted us to stay.  It is definitely relieving stress off of me!  We have had much fun exploring this wonderful place!   It is truly an amazing place!

Some girls just have to enjoy a game of hockey!  There was a huge long hallway with hockey goals at both ends.  Under the stair “storage” has been turned into a large play area under each set of stairs.  There was a hockey table made into a plinko type board with a goal at the bottom.  That was fun!  There are tunnels to climb through at different levels.  It was just a beautiful piece of art as well.

Chloe’s favorite place was the library.  They have a room with lots of books and lots of cozy seating places.  Chloe loved the big bears.  Maybe we will have some time to just rest in this room sometime this week.

There was also a music room.  It had a trumpet, a piano, an organ, boxes upon boxes of kids musical instruments, a large piano that you stepped on the keys and it made sounds.  You are free to play in any of the rooms.

There was a room that was decorated with red boots!  Quite cute it was.  There was a room decorated like a princess as well.  It had dolls and lots of fun stuff for girls.  There is a manicure room with lots of fingernail polish.  There is also a place to get your hair cut.  Free haircuts today for anyone who wants them.  And I’ve not even told you about all the rooms. This place is full of things to make your stay here much better!

The staff is mostly volunteers!  There are groups that come in and cook each day.  Dinner is guaranteed.  Breakfast and lunch happens but not necessarily everyday.  God does know what we need and He has a way of making things happen even if we try to rebel!!  Each room here is “sponsored” by someone or some group.  Some rooms just have the name but other rooms they have a quote.  So each door has a sign with who sponsors the room.  This sign on one of the doors I just fell in love with!

I have always loved rainbows.  Now I like them even more!

We were so blessed on Tuesday night by a visit from a therapy dog named Cleo!  Chloe needs a therapy dog!!  That has definitely been decided.  And it needs to be hypoallergenic so it can get in her bed!

Believe it or not, a friend from Huntsville, is from Columbus.  And her sister own this therapy dog.  So she came for a visit with Cleo.  She also brought us some “ohio buckeyes” that look delicious!!  Peanut butter with chocolate around it!   Ummmm!!!  When my kids are grown, I want to have a therapy dog.  My favorite thing this dog does is goes to Kindergarten classes and the struggling readers get to read out loud to Cleo.  I just LOVE that idea.  Cleo also visits regularly at a Physical Therapy with senior adults.  The senior adults get some PT and exercise by playing games and things with Cleo.  An amazing opportunity to be able to do these things.  I think I would really like doing this!  I have definitely filed this idea in my folder for down the road.  We were so glad to get a visit from Cleo!!  And Cleo’s owner Tracy!

So…enough for now.  I’m actually finishing this post while we sit in the doctor’s office on Wednesday!  But didn’t want to get to far behind in getting you up to date on our trip so far.

Right now our room is a revolving door of numerous doctors, therapists, nutritionist, etc.  So I will definitely post an update in regards to medical stuff later.


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