One More Thing

Since Saturday Chloe has complained of a headache. I could tell she definitely didn’t feel well. On Tuesday, we tried to celebrate her bday but she was just sick. I was getting concerned. On Wednesday she still didn’t feel good but it was her 16th bday. We had an appt to go take her driving test so she could be a licensed driver. Even with a crazy bad headache and feeling bad, she managed to pass her driving test!!  Yoo hoo!!  But as soon as that was done she just spiraled downhill.  She stayed home while I went to church.  But in the middle of church, I received a text message saying how bad her head hurt.  I went out and called her and realized she was really sick.  So I just gathered my things and headed back home.

After seeing how sick she was and a call to the dr, the pediatrician sent us to the ER.  There we were escorted right to a room.  Her heart rate was exceptionally elevated from the amount of pain she was in.  So the first order of business was to relieve her pain.  And need I say, it was crazy busy for about 30 minutes.  The doctor was in our room before the nurse ever came.  They injected some medicine under neath each eye brow.    I’m just saying….this girl is much braver than her mama!  But I guess if my pain was a 9 on a scale from 1 to 10 like her was I might not care what they did!   And almost immediately that brought relief for a short time period.

Needless to say, a trip to the ER is not the best way to end your 16th bday!

But this is how she spent it.  We arrived at ER around 7:30 and we left around 4 am.  The injections relieved the pain for a little bit but then the pain began to resume.  But at least the break in pain, let them get an IV started, do tons of blood work, etc.

The first vein they were going to use for IV blew.  So they had to go to the other arm which doesn’t have great veins.  But thankfully, Chloe was tough once again and let them put an IV in with no numbing medicine at all!  Once again, I’d been making them deaden my entire arm!!  I love that lidocaine stuff they inject to numb it!  Can you tell…I’m allergic to pain?  Really I am!

They then told us they were going to give her some medicine in her IV.  Well, that spiked her anxiety.  I’m thinking anxiety…you let them put needles in your eyelids and you got an IV without any numbing medicine, but just the fact that they are putting medicine into a needle that is already there causes anxiety…really??  But needless to say….it did!  And from that point on, Chloe struggled immensely with anxiety.  She worked really hard through that anxiety!  I was super proud of her.   That medicine didn’t seem to help her pain at all.  So they came back with a third medicine that finally settled that girl’s pain down!  They gave her some Benadryl and some medicine used to treat migraines.  And that did the trick.  She settled down and even slept for about 30 minutes.  And when she woke up, her pain was gone!  Thank goodness!  They released us on the promise that we would follow up with our pediatrician at 9 am that morning.  So we get home around 4ish and we have to be at pediatrician at 9:00.  That means that we only got about 2 hours sleep that night.  We shall be looking pretty bad in that pediatrician office.  Good thing he’s known us for 18 years!!  And I think this look is better than the day I went with a shower cap on my head and a mask on my face!  Sometimes you have to count your blessings in strange ways!!  🙂

Given Chloe’s history and her already numerous medications she takes for MD and a movement disorder, he feels for certain that the neurologist needs to be in control of this diagnosis as well.   And not only that, when her body gets worn down, it is much more difficult for her to recover due to her MD.   So needless to say…this feels like one more thing in her life!  I’m praying that this was a one time thing and never happens again.  However, we do know she has the genetic factor for it and she is the right age for migraines to begin.  So…we are concerned this could be something we have to learn to deal with.

Thursday, she sleep all afternoon and all night.  Friday she has been more alive but still stayed in bed most all day!  But she has joined the land of the living occasionally.

But please pray for all of us as we feel like we’ve been dumped just one more thing to deal with.   We know that we will learn to manage this and we know that God is in control of all things!  But sometimes tired and frustrated and weary is how you feel.  But then, when we feel that way, it doesn’t take long for us to look past us and see a need far greater than ours!  So grateful that we have a faith that doesn’t fail!  It might be weak and wimpy sometimes but never fails us!    Thank you Jesus for giving us unstoppable faith!


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.