How Fast Life Can Change

I truly have no words.  It is simply amazing at how fast life can change.  We thought things were getting better.

Zine was beginning to not be as fatigued.  Our children were back in routine.  We were finding new routine at home.  I was improving in my eating.  We were beginning to feel like we were beginning to find a new normal.  And in the blink of the eye…life changed drastically.

On Friday morning, Zine was in the bathroom getting ready.  We have handles and dressing bench and lots of resources so that he can be independent as possible.  He had used the handles to stand up off the dressing bench and was tucking his shirt in.  He lost his balance, missed the many grab bars and landed in the floor.

I went to the bathroom to get a shower and found him in the floor.  He was trying to get up but was not successful.  Every muscle in his body was contracted I think.  So I just sat down on the floor with him and talked to him and just tried to let his body relax and recover.  In a bit I worked at trying to get him up but was unsuccessful.  Once again, Conner to the rescue.  Together we were able to get him up on bench.  I finished getting him dressed and tried to get him to stand and transfer to chair.  But that was a no go!!!  He could not bear any weight and he was having pain when he moved.  I suspected we had a problem.

Without my shower, I put my clothes on gathered a few  things and headed to Madison ER.  What we learned was he had broken his hip and it would need surgery.  Later we took an ambulance ride together to Huntsville Hospital.  Needless to say it was a LONG day and a LONG night.

Because he has been on blood thinners, we needed to wait 48 hours without them before surgery.  However, it has been decided that they would give him plasma to thicken his blood so that surgery would be safer.  So he has now had one bag of plasma and must get one more.  And they are hoping that this bag gets in before they come get him for surgery.  So it should happen soon!

He is uncomfortable but that is controlled with  morphine.  If he moves a muscle, it is pretty excruciating pain.  He has been alert and talking some and he has been sleeping some.

A broken hip has been one of my worst nightmares for a very long time.  So….at least I’m getting to face my fear!!  I still just think surely this didn’t happen.  I guess it’s a bit of shock stage.  Zine is grumpy about it.  He says he is not in shock but he is definitely not happy.  This will probably forever impact our lives.  For Zine, I’m sure this is more of his independence being robbed from him.

The caretaking for a while is going to be difficult to say the least!  So pray for us!  And….kiss your loved ones and hug them today!  Never underestimate how fast life can change.


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.