Mystery or Blessing

We followed our ER Visit up the next day at the urologist office!   We weren’t supposed to be there until 4:00.  That way we would be seen last and they could spend as much time as needed with us.  They were fully expecting to encounter problems.  They had seen the ER report and knew what we had encountered.

Needless to say, Zine was exceptionally depressed and feeling pretty defeated all day.  When I would try to ask him about it, he would just shake his head and big tears would well up in his eyes.  It was a long day to say the least.

When we got there, we got the “best nurse” for putting in cath tubes.  We discussed briefly what had happened and she just said I’m going to try one time!  And y’all, she got everything ready to go, she raised her hands in the air as if in surrender and prayed out loud that God would allow that tube to go in.  No one expected the tube to go in.  She didn’t.  We didn’t.  The dr. didn’t.  But that was first thing to do was for her to try.  And I want you to know, that tube went in just exactly like it was supposed to do.  EVERYONE was in shock.  Our mouths fell open!

So…it is a mystery as to what went on with our complications on Wednesday.  We still don’t know exactly what the problem was.  And inquiring minds would like to know the answers to questions.  But they just said, thank you Jesus.    And to count it as a blessing!  Now, we will be going into the office for them to change the cath tubes for awhile instead of home health doing it in case we have problems again, we won’t have to spend a day in the ER.  So we may eventually know the answer to our questions.  Or we might just always be able to say God gave us a miracle that day!

So whether it is a mystery still to be solved or just simply a blessing God bestowed on us…who knows!!  But we gladly took the blessing to say the least!


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