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I Made My Husband’s Calendar!

In my first post about the She Speaks Conference I went to, I felt the need to give you a brief overview!  However, I want to share some personal things that happened as well!   Making my husband’s calendar is the story I want to give you today!

Frustrating MS Side Effect

When you have MS, it affects not just your physical body but also your mind as well.  We have been very blessed that Zine’s mind in many ways has stayed sharp.  However, there are issues that we deal with regularly that we rarely talk about with others.  One of those issues is Zine’s ability to remember the here and now.    Some would call it not paying attention or absent mindedness.  However, it is much deeper than lack of attention.  If there is anything Zine has given me in 20+ years of marriage and that is his attention.

An example, we can sit down and have a conversation about what is going on in our family’s calendar.  An hour later, sometimes ten minutes later Zine can ask about the same thing and he was paying attention!!!  Don’t ask him to remember one thing because you will be sorely disappointed.  This is not a characteristic of the man I married.  However, it is something that MS has taken away!  When there are important events happening in life, we want the ones we love the most to be present in those events with their physical and emotional support.

In our marriage, I must admit there have been many times that I have missed my husband’s emotional support.  Either his emotional cup is overflowing which keeps him from meeting me where I am or he simply can’t remember!  I am not speaking anything negatively of him at all!  He, I and our kids all know this is a side effect of MS that we are required to deal with and none of us like it!

My husband just rocked my world!!

Of course, Zine supports my writing/speaking calling.  He was proud that I went to the conference and stepped out of my comfort zone. He has most definitely been my biggest dreamer and cheerleader.  This week, I had a publisher appointment that I was nervous about just because I had heard some things about this editor and I had communicated that with Zine.  In a few minutes, I get the most prized text message ever.

I don’t think there is another text that my husband could have sent me that communicated love more than this!  Zine said I care about you and what you are doing.  I know the things MS has robbed from our relationship and I desire to love you despite MS!  He communicated to me I was important and cherished!  He did that with one simple text.  I have put it on my calendar so I won’t forget.

Am I being intentional in loving others?

The truth is I don’t have MS, but if I don’t put things in my calendar I often forget!  We live in a fast-paced society with many schedules and people impacting our lives.  We all have good intentions but often fall short of what we desire to do for others.  The thought that has been in my mind is am I being intentional in loving others?  Do I…

  • put time for others in my calendar?
  • schedule prayer times in my calendar for others ?
  • communicate my prayers to them?
  • listen for ways that I can walk with them in difficult times and rejoice with them in wonderful times?

God calls us to love one another just as He has loved us.  Love God and Love Others!  Am I being obedient to the greatest commandments?


I made my husband’s calendar!

Who is on your calendar?


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.

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  1. Beth

    I love the idea of putting prayer times on a calendar. . Tell Zine thank you for the idea.

    1. kksmith8694

      I most definitely will!

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