Chemo to Nadir (low point)

With chemo, it initially makes you very sick.  This time chemo was a bit more difficult!  A bit more nauseous.  Took some extra meds to control it.  But it worked!  It seems to take about a full 72 hours before Zine starts rebounding.  And then he seems just fine!  One would like to think that recovery is done until next time.  But no…it just likes to make you think you are good.  It’s like it plays tricks in your mind!

So we have now entered the I feel better stage!  But we know this stage only lasts for a few days. Praise the Lord his head is bald!  I do not think I could ever go through that experience again!   And those blood counts are dropping.  By this weekend they will be at their low point, from our information it appears that low point is referred to as nadir.  His blood counts can remain at their lowest points for several many days before they begin their ever so slow climb back to “normal”.   So for a few days this week Zine will feel better and then…it gets difficult again.  Weakness and fatigue will plague him.  Last time, he was cold all the time and his body temp was very low.   And we know that his blood counts started out in a low range this time so this blood count drop could be lower than last time.  So..what does that mean?  More tired??  More fatigued?  Not sure what to expect.  We will walk through this and learn.  Colder?  Well, when it’s predicted to be a low of 0 to 8…I am definitely expecting him to be much colder!!!  It just may have nothing to do with chemo!!  :o)  I am thankful for moments when I can smile!

We are thankful for a few days of feeling better!  The calm before the storm!


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