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Lessons Learned from MRI

I thought I would take a minute to share the lessons I learned from an MRI.

When possible, dress appropriately.  When not possible, just trust God to provide.

To start with, I was not told what to wear.  I went comfy but not quite comfy enough.  So…they graciously provide scrubs for those that aren’t dressed quite appropriately.  For me, it is always helpful when I know what to expect.  However, sometimes, we aren’t appropriately dressed no matter the thoughts we put into it before hand.  God always is there to provide what we need though.  Whether it be scrubs for a MRI, an extra $20 in your pocket you find, a hug at just the right moment, God always provides.

MRIs are much like overwhelming grief.

I talked about, in post Overwhelming Grief, how it is so hard sometimes to take a deep breath in the middle of overwhelming grief.  MRI’s have the same effect.  It didn’t matter how many times I told myself to breathe deep I found this familiar panic arising. Breathe I would tell myself, not those short panicky breaths but a really good breath.   However, after awhile, I found those deep breaths were nowhere to be found no matter how hard I tried.

An Eject Button is needed!

In the middle of overwhelming grief or difficult circumstances, we all want an escape.  Even Jesus said in the garden, if there is another way then please let this cup pass from me.  Paraphrased, let me push the eject button God.  I find myself praying often that God would release me from certain struggles.  Well, an MRI is no different.  The good news is that there was an eject button.  Maybe not really eject, but at least a button that would stop the process so that someone would come rescue me so that I could breathe.

Hold on to your Eject Button.

That eject button, it only works if you have it where you can reach it.  If you don’t put it in your hand before they roll you in that tube the chances that you will find it in the middle of not breathing is highly unlikely.  Trust me on this!  Every time I would try to move my hand to find the button without really moving because you’re supposed to lay still, try as I might, I could not find the eject button.  Secondly, if you move your hand and it only touches the tube around you, it causes more panic to sear through you and your breathing to become even less shallow!  You know in life, it’s really no different.  We need to hold on to God’s truths so that we can withstand the many doubts and struggles that come flying our way.  

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15 minutes is a long time!

I tell my kids all the time when they are asking how long, not long I will say, it’s about the length of a cartoon.  In the middle of duress, 15 minutes happens to be a very long time.  The next time Krisann is impatient with how long something is taking, I think I will have a lot more sympathy for her. I truly thought the 15 minutes would never end.  I prayed and did all sorts of mind games for 15 minutes and I wished like crazy I could find the eject button.

My rescue is returning!

My biggest hope that got me through those 15 minutes was I knew my rescue was returning.  I was not forgotten.  The medical staff were right there watching me the entire time!  They were returning.  So amidst the  moments that I thought I was going to suffocate and my life was about to end right there in that crazy tube, I would remind myself that they were returning and they were going to rescue me from this horrid tunnel.  The same is true in life, when circumstances seem overwhelming and you are certain that you aren’t going to make it through, just remember if you know Jesus, He is returning for you.  You are not forgotten.  He sees you.  He is coming back for you!  Hallelujah!

So by now, I hope you have laughed with me!  Trust me when I say in the moment, there was no laughing.  Just imagaine, stuck in a tube, in strange clothes, panting to breathe, knowing you have a button that would halt everything but you can’t find it and you’re certain your end has arrived!  Whew!  I’m certain I’m not the only person that has struggled in that place!  When I saw my rescue, with tears rolling down my cheeks, I was reminded that some never make the 15 minutes. I was told a funny story to help reduce the anxiety and slow the tears.  Really folks, there is much that can be learned from having an MRI!

MRI Results

Now the results of that MRI, showed there was no tear in the rotator cuff.  That is very good news.  Unfortunately, there is a shoulder impingement caused by a bone spur which has also caused a case of tendinitis.   We are going to try a round of physical therapy to see if that will alleviate the pain.  I had my first PT appt and I am not confident in the process. I’ve been doing PT without paying for PT all summer.  But now we will officially pay for PT and we will pray it works!  I am ready to be out of pain!  But in the meantime, I had many lessons that could be learned from an MRI.


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