Lessons from the Snow

A rarity in Alabama…snow!!  Not just a dusting of snow!  More like 8 inches of snow.  And guess what…my Facebook feed, my Instagram feed, and my Twitter has snow picture explosion. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve posted some of them myself!!

I’ve aided in the explosion. However, as I’ve done something as fun and sweet as to look at everyone’s pictures, it has simply stirred my heart!  Actually, the more I’ve looked at them the more frustrated and down right mad I’ve become!  What should be fun is not so fun!

I want to play in the snow but I want to do it as a family!  Yet…one more thing…that is impossible for Zine.  And to be honest, it is making me mad! 
Pictures of families playing in the streets.  Why, if we did manage to get Zine outside in his wheelchair, we would never get him back up the driveway so he’d be awfully cold outside tonight!  That would be a video for Americas Funniest Videos as Conner and I worked toward the impossible.
Pictures of kids and their daddies building snowmen.  Another experience that Krisann will never know.  Heart broken for her tonight despite the fact she has truly been a wild grumpy girl today.  A family picture gathered around a snowman! Nope…not happening. 
Cute little couple pictures in the beautiful snow background.  Nope…not happening either.  And it has just plain made me mad!!
Tonight, I hate MS!  I hate the many things it has stolen from our family.  I hate the many experiences it has taken away from Zine!  I hate MS!  However, in the middle of my temper tantrum, God has given me some beautiful lessons that I have to be thankful for!

1.  Doing the hard things count!  It counts that despite the fact I’m mad about Zine having MS and him not being able to build snowmen with our family…I did the hard thing…I went outside with our children and built a snowman while Zine sat in the house alone!  Heart broken…Yes.  Hard thing…Yes.  But I’m so grateful that God has always given me the stamina and the energy to do the hard thing!  The hard things often make lasting differences in the lives of my children!

2.  God always sends the right people at the right time.  Our driveway doesn’t get a lot of sun.  So therefore the snow can be melted everywhere but my driveway.  Our driveway is also a pretty significant incline.  So if there’s the least little bit of snow on it…you might get down, but you won’t get up!  So…this afternoon Conner and I head out to try to get a good bit of the snow off!  And he and I had scooped about two shovels when our neighbor, who just happened to be outside, came right over!  What would have taken Conner and I a solid hour, he did in like 5 minutes!  And what I loved even more…he didn’t ask if I wanted him to!  He just did it…an even sweeter gift for me!

3.  The right tools for a job are important.  Conner and I don’t have a snow shovel.  So we were going at it with a regular shovel.  Although it was getting the job done…it wasn’t getting the job done quickly!  I am thankful that my neighbor had a snow shovel and obviously he knew how to use it!!  Thankful for the right tools not only for snow covered driveways, but also God will equip me with everything I need for the situation I find myself in.  I’m getting me a snow shovel though!  I’m not going to forget!  Amazon is about to deliver one right to my door!!

4.  God can bring beauty in the middle of winter!  The grass is brown, there are no leaves on the trees.  Its been a pretty dry and barren yard!  But when God showered it with snow, it became the most beautiful piece of artwork!  God can do the same thing in my life.  In the barren places, He can breathe new life!  So thankful!!


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.