Just an update from appts today

So we survived Monday!  

Zine has been released to start putting some weight on that right leg. But we haven’t tried today. Gotta have Conner and I here at same time or a PT and I here. Needless to say…he won’t be moving around too much just yet. But it will be helpful when we transfer to know he can use that foot if he wants! The doctor also strongly recommended that we transition our vehicle to hand controls and not foot controls. That wasn’t blessing to hear!! But we know he is correct. The goal in the near future…to be able to maneuver enough that we can get rid of this dog gone hospital bed and have our bed back!!! It has been a LONG time since we have slept in our bed. As a matter of fact, neither of us have slept in our bed since March 18! So…if we’re making goals…that’s first on the list!!

I made it to my nutritionist appointment as well! This nutritionist is so helpful. She lays me out a plan a little at the time. And she works within my crazy eating tastes! Neither she nor I was as pleased today as we hoped to be. We had hoped their would be some weight gain..but nope there was none today. But…there have been huge improvements and she’s getting a clearer picture of my struggles. Some days I do fairly well eating then other days when the stress is high or the day is busy, my eating is way off. She and I both see it as we look back over the past two weeks in detail. I told her today, I just needed someone to hold my hand and walk me through this…I felt like a 5 year old. And she said… you do indeed need people to walk you through this and hold your hand. You need people to care for Karen! And….she said…when people care for Karen then maybe Karen will start taking care of herself. Because that’s the big issue here is Karen is so busy taking care of other people that she doesn’t take care of herself. And…we all know…that Karen is not good at letting people care for her. So…we have some definite faulty thought patterns that we must work through! And she was totally correct in everything she said. I cannot argue! She also said that my eating issues would never go away because my stress was not going away! Chances are I will never be back to where I was before all this started! But…the important thing is that I get healthy! So…that’s what we are working towards. Not gaining weight but rather, a healthier Karen.

You can pray for us as we begin the process of moving from short term disability to long term disability. Pray that everything works out quickly! We have begun that process! From health insurance to disability claims to approvals to a sundry of other things…the chaos has begun. And we are trusting that God is going to work on our behalf in this process and that as we make decisions that we know NOTHING about that they would be the right decisions!

Just thought I’d post a quick update!  


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