Wednesday is a Big Day

We would love to have you join us in praying for our day tomorrow!  We will travel to Cullman and be there at 8:45 am in the morning for MRIs!    Zine has not had MRIs done in a bit over a year.  These will look at his lesions.  The eye dr is sure he has lesions across his brain stem.  We are totally certain that they will find more lesions than last time.  Way too many changes going on!  However, being certain and hearing someone tell you for certain are quite two different things!

We then meet with the neurologist later that afternoon.  Yes, we have several hours to kill between the appointments.   So…we are taking an unexpected little adventure.

We are taking all three children with us tomorrow!  We will do our school in the waiting room while Zine has MRIs done.  Then we are headed for some lunch out and fun family time.  Zine and I will return to doctors office and we will let Conner bring the girls back home and then head to church.  Conner’s not driven from Cullman to our house before.  But we have great faith in his driving skills!  And talk about kids having to grow up fast…Conner has most certainly had to do that!

At the appointment with the neurologist we will be discussing information from the oncologist and comparing notes with neurologist.  We are praying for great wisdom on the next step.  We do know a different chemo is going to happen.  We have two more to try.  So the question is…which one do we try next.  That decision will be made tomorrow!  We think we know what that is…but…everything is always up for change when we walk into the neurologist office!

Whatever that decision, our lives are about to change again.  And everyone in this house struggles with change!  But we are walking confident in the promise that God will never leave us or forsake us.  God is always working His good in our lives  And lastly, it is when we are weak that His strength is made perfect.

Thanks for praying for us through this journey and especially as you pray for us through our day tomorrow.

A side note…Zine is adjusting well to his new wheels.  He’s still not a proficient driver yet…but he’s doing fantastic.  I think I’ve had a harder time than he has.  I had adjusted to seeing him in his manual chair but the power chair…it messes with my insides!!  That’s just wrong to see your husband in a power chair!!!!  And…I am going to be totally lost and not know what to do not pushing him around.  I will have to find a new identity I’m afraid!!  🙂

Another side note….I came in this evening from picking Chloe up from art class to a laundry room with water in the floor.  My washer apparently decided it was ready to leak!  But you know, I didn’t freak out, I didn’t fall apart, I simply gathered towels, dried water, moved my washing machine out to dry water from underneath it.  It was a calm moment for me.  For that I’m grateful.  However, in moments like that, I really hate my hubby has MS!  I still remember the day, before we had iPads and smart phones, watching Zine walk from the study to the laundry room to the study to the laundry room. I finally asked him what he was doing and he said I am fixing the washing machine.  He was watching a video a section at a time, then going and fixing the washing machine!  And guess what…it has worked perfectly ever since!  But now…there’s no Zine taking my washing machine apart!  I wonder…can I watch you tube videos and fix my washer??  I might be caught trying it this weekend!  But I’m not thinking about that stupid washing machine until we get through our day tomorrow.  First things first!!  And as I am going through my day tomorrow I will remember this scripture verse.  And I know I’ve posted it before, but there’s a song that speaks to my heart often called We Will Not Be Shaken.


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.

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    Praying for your day to be as good as possible and for God to reign over every situation.

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