Back to Routine

Well, after launching Nearsighted and taking an intentional summer sabbatical, it is time to get back to routine.

Back to Routine

Home, school, gymnastics, pilates, writing, blogging, creating, etc.  The list grows of where we are finding routine again.  Honestly, I am not ready for routine yet.  I long for lazy summer days, and they’ve only been gone for two weeks.  I don’t get to choose our routines all the time, but I get to choose to be intentional in loving well as I go about these new routines.

And y’all, I have a hormonal preteen, and I’m going through many hormonal changes myself.  Let me say it is taking MUCH intentionality to love well, for sure!

Nearsighted Book Launch

I had a fun-filled book launch.  I had great people sharing about Nearsighted and helping spread the word.  God has connected me with many people in the eating disorder world over the summer.  I am excited to share that I have partnered with Rock Recovery, an eating disorder treatment center in the DC area, to bring a parent seminar to life for parents struggling to love a child with an eating disorder.  I’m extremely nervous and excited about this upcoming event.  Please continue to pray as Nearsighted continues to make its way out into the world that it would bless many families in the years to come.  I must say, it still feels awkward to say that I am an author.  Despite the fact, I have been published in several books, Nearsighted bears only my name.  I think that makes me feel “official.”  If you’d like your own copy of Nearsighted, you may order here.


A Sweet Tea Surprise

Speaking of being a published author, I had a devotional chosen to be published in Sweet Tea for the Soul, a book published by Dayspring that was released this past spring.  If you’d like to purchase Sweet Tea for the Soul, click here.



I would love to sit with you and have a nice tall glass of sweet tea and talk about all the things.  Unfortunately, with so many of you, that is not an option.  So a blog post must suffice.

Summer Happenings

Conner Graduated!!!!

Conner graduated in May from University of Alabama in Huntsville with a degree in Math and Physics.  Two weeks after graduation, he started a full time job with a local company, COLSA.  He is extremely excited about the job he is doing right now.  It sure does a mom’s heart good to see your son grow, mature, and enter the world with much style!  Not to mention, when his car insurance comes up for renewal…he’s going to be on his own!!  🙂


That’s not the only thing Conner did this May….there’s even more big things ahead for him.

A Big Proposal

Yes, he did.  He proposed to his sweet girlfriend, Sarah Grace!  May 20, 2022 these two will join their lives together.  I cannot believe that my much prayed for baby is about to get married.  I remember words like failed pregnancy and no heartbeat to Mrs. Smith this is a miracle.  Indeed, he was a miracle baby!  I truly believe we, along with many others, prayed him into this world.  I can’t wait to see how God continues to work in his and Sarah’s life, and I’m super excited to gain another daughter!

Several Birthday Celebrations

We had several birthday celebrations this summer.  Krisann turned 12, and she wanted the family to go bowling.  So…the family went bowling.  What a sweet time we had celebrating this girl.

And then we turned around a month later and celebrated this sweet girl, who turned 21.  How can it be??  Guess what she got for her bday?  A new car.  I shouldn’t say she got it for her birthday since her calendar sales are primarily what purchased this vehicle.  Nevertheless, she and I took a little trip on her birthday and claimed this van as hers.  We are proud of her for all her hard work in saving money and car shopping.


Not all fun this summer though!

While, we enjoyed our summer, it was not all fun and games.  I took a trip to the ER with possible heart issues.  After a scary bit, it was determined it was not my heart.  I am still seeing doctors and getting tests done regarding this event.  And I don’t do doctors for me, I only do them for other people.  To be honest, it feels wrong for me to be going to the doctor and having tests done.  Yuck!

Just in case I need to clarify…yes I am still eating!  My health issues are not stemming from lack of nutrients at this time!


Zine also ended up in the ER one day for a health scare.  Thankfully, God intervened in that situation.  I am certain that God was at work that day in the ER.

Zine’s Health

To give a quick update on Zine’s health…

He still has MS.  He continues to slowly decline in his physical abilities.  Some days are extremely taxing and other days are better.  After the fall last August, he has never rehabilitated to independent.  This is difficult for both of us.

I have hired a sitter to come two days a week so I can teach Pilates and go to Classical Conversations with Krisann.  After sitter problems for a year, she has turned out to be a sweet blessing.  Praying we are able to hold onto her for a long time.  She’s a bit quiet, but we’re convinced that we are going to help her find her wild side!

Despite the health issues, me locking keys in the car with it running and us being outside, my ever changing hormones, etc. I am so grateful that I get to do life with this guy!

Summer Sabbatical is over.

Back to Routine, here we come!

Oh wait…

The ABC’s of Loving Well

Also, I put together a booklet for my book launch team entitled The ABC’s of Loving Well.  Currently, I am offering it to anyone who might be interested.  Just click the picture and you will be directed to the subscribe page.  In a season of life when many are hurting and lonely, this little booklet will give you tips for loving others well!


Now…it’s back to routine!


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.