A Couple of Days at Women’s and Children’s Hospital

I just been thinking that life was settling down into some semblance of normal.  However, two hospital visits in one week is not settling down!  Y’all, I really don’t make this stuff up! This is really my life!  Last week I went with Zine when we encountered his cath problems. That story you can find here.  This time I went with Chloe who is struggling with a headache.

Chloe has been battling headaches/migraines/whatever they are called since August.  Since August there have been very few days that the girl has felt well.  She pushes through many days!  And this past weekend was no exception.  She was struggling with a migraine/headache/whatever they are called!  She had been taking prescribed medicine for migraines to ease the pain and help her push through!  She has also let me try some of my essential oils on her at times and when Chloe will let me put some of my essential oils on her you KNOW she is hurting!!  She despises my oils!

However, on Monday her migraine knocked her totally out.  She was SO sick!  The pain was almost unbearable.  I called the neurologist office and talked to them.  Goal was to get through the night at home.  We did.  Tuesday morning she was absolutely no better.  Neurologist sent us about 11 am to the hospital.  Our fourth trip to ER with her since August.  They know us now.  I’m still not sure if that is good or bad!!  But at least it does make us feel like we are getting good care!  You can see even in the dark, how pale and sick my girl was!

Sick sick girl in ER


This trip to the ER was different than ever before.  Every other trip, they have been able to regain control of Chloe’s pain.  This time they were not successful.  They had done what they could do and she was still very sick.  Her head was only a little bit relieved and in addition we were having much problems with her blood pressure being low.  So they felt it was in her best interest to admit her.  This caught me way by surprise!
Admitted and Settled in room

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted them to make her better. There is nothing worse than watching your child be so sick and not being able to make it even a bit better.  However, for me to be away from home is hard!  It’s hard for Zine.  It’s incredibly hard for Krisann.  And Conner gets to pick up care taking when needed.  So admitting her definitely increased my stress in some ways.  But in other ways I was super relieved that I didn’t have to take this incredibly sick child home!

The end result…They gave IV meds around the clock that really just knocked her out.  Eventually, they were able to get her pain controlled with a different oral medication.  And we came home late Wednesday night.  She still has a headache and she still is taking medication for it but it is being controlled.


Finally on our way home!

The neurologist wants to send her to a specialty clinic.  There are none here.  We would have to go to Atlanta, Memphis, or Ohio.  We thought we would just go to Ohio since we are already set up there.  But after talking to them, it is going to require numerous appointments so we are about to think it is better to get an appointment in Memphis or Atlanta.  Which are both closer to us than Ohio!  I’m sure the neurologist office and I will discuss that very issue today.

This morning as I am having my quiet time and finishing up this blog post, my heart has just been crying out to the Lord for healing for Chloe and Zine.  However, at the same time, I will walk in this place with a confidence that God works all things together for our good.  I may not see how God is working things for our good.  At times, things may really stink. and I may not know what’s next.  But I will continue to trust in that His plans are for us and not against us.  And when I am overwhelmed, I will seek refuge under His wing!  You see, these are promises I have found in His word that I am claiming for myself!

And as I write this, I think about you as readers of my crazy life and I wonder…what overwhelming crazy things do you have going on in your life and what promises do you need to claim right now for yourself?  Some people will say things to us like well our problem is nothing compared to yours.  And Zine and I always respond, your biggest heartache is as great and as important as our biggest heartache to Jesus. Jesus doesn’t triage problems!  So please don’t read my post and then think well my problem is nothing.  Now I do thank that sometimes gratefulness can be a key part to bringing healing to our hearts.  However, your greatest heartache and struggle, needs God’s promises attached to it!   God wants us to grow in our faith, trust Him with our lives, and walk in His promises over our struggles.  So today will you join me in claiming promises over struggles in your life today?  Go ahead and comment what promises you are claiming for yourself today!  I would love to hear!



Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.

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