The MS Journey beginning!

Wish I had developed a blog years ago and journaled our journey.  But instead I have bits and pieces wrote down here and there!  But looking back, our known journey began in 2010.  However, there were signs and symptoms before.  But for sake of time, we will start in 2010.  After watching my husband lose some physical abilities and begin to limp, after major marriage issues, after much pleading and begging Zine Smith finally went to the primary doctor.  The results were an appt with a neurologist and probable some type of motor nerve disease.  Local neurologist ordered numerous tests.  One of those was a MRI. That MRI was the clue to lead us to a spinal tap.  Our first spinal tap was lost and two weeks later he had to have another one!  The results of all that was a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis!  Now, much has been done in the world of MS…except that his was a progressive form and not treatable.  After much discussion it was decided we would go to Mayo Hospital for 2nd opinion.  So since those are already typed up I will post them here to share our story!


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