Our arrival at Mayo

Finally Here
Posted Oct 25, 2010 6:46pm
Okay, we don’t even know where to begin to update you on our day. Hopefully all our updates won’t be this long. But this has God moments all over it!!
First let’s say that we slept very very little last night due to storms. So much about worry about getting up at 4:30. God made sure we were nice and awake!!
We arrive at Huntsville International Airport at 5:15 am. We are scheduled to depart at 6:30. Our plane was delayed…imagine that? We sat in the plane for about an hour before we were finally cleared for take off. However, we left the airport before the flight that was scheduled at 5:30!!
My awesome sister in law, Marsha, who is a flight attendant was scheduled to be in Savanna, GA today and she was to fly out of Savanna about around 3:30. Such a God thing, but due to other circumstances her flight didn’t get where it was supposed to be on time so she missed her flight to Savanna last night. Where did she end up? Atlanta, GA!! When we stepped off the plane she was at the gate waiting for us! Due to weather delays all over the country, Atlanta was a disaster!! There were almost 60 people waiting to get on our flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis. So needless to say, we did not get on the first flight. In the meantime, Marsha is working hard trying to find other ways to get us there. We are even trying to get into DesMoines, IA and one of my brother’s friend was going to pick us up and we would drive the rest of the way. But that plane was overbooked! Planes are overbooked everywhere! We tried to just purchase a ticket and there were no seats available to purchase. So…there is a flight leaving about an hour after the first one we missed. So…Marsha takes us from one terminal to another in just a short amount of time. Zine was not able to walk, but she very gracefully was able to get him a wheelchair along the way and he rode in the chair. Marsha gave him his first push in a wheelchair! This was very difficult for him! But I’m so thankful that Marsha was able to share that experience with us. We get to the second flight and there are still over 50 people trying to get on we are number 43! By my FB status, prayers were almost sent up immediately on our behalf. Much to Marsha’s surprise, they called our names for the flight!! After they gave us our boarding pass, a group of about 10 people showed up that had tickets for that flight. I’m sad for those 10 people but I’m glad God allowed us on that flight. Our flight from Minneapolis to Rochester was to leave at 2:20. At 2:20 we were just getting ready to land in Minneapolis. However, God saw to it that that flight was delayed as well. It was to actually leave at 3:00. We got inside the airport at 2:45 and had to go half way around the airport to get to next connection. A man in the airplane proved to be very beneficial to us as he showed me map and how the shortest way was to get there. Thankfully, Zine was able to do these rolling sidewalks and we made it to the gate at 3:07. The plane was just loading. The plane was full so it looked like we would have to wait until 5:00 to get out. However, three people were no shows so Zine and I got on that flight too! We landed in Rochester, made it right on the shuttle without having to wait! Now, we haven’t had time to eat today but God had His fingerprints all over our travel plans today. Thank you Marsha for loving us so well through that! And Marsha says thanks to you all for praying us on those flights today! There would be no other explanation!
As God would have it, there is another couple from Huntsville here this week. They called while we were on the airport shuttle. They will be to pick us up for dinner in just a little while! They are also going to take us and show us hospital and around since they arrived early this morning and have scouted the place out!
I went down the elevator to get us a snack to tide us over until dinner time, and on the way back up, a couple gets on the elevator. We begin to talk and stand outside in the hallway for a bit. She is a patient at Mayo. She has a blood disorder of some type. But as we briefly shared our stories, they looked at me and said…you guys have just made our prayer list. We will be praying for you everyday this week. Now, my prayer is that God would cross our paths again this week! Maybe a dinner with them even because God used them in my life!!
I have cried on more than one occasion today just because of the overwhelming presence of God today. Albeit, we are exhausted! But God got us here and for that we give Him praise! Tomorrow starts a whole different adventure but I have great confidence that He is in this trip! I am just overwhelmed by His love today!
FYI…Zine and I made it relationally very good. 1 little spiff but it was very quickly taken care of so we did awesome today! (Lisa P—that update was for you!! :o)
Thanks for your prayers and we continue to cherish your prayers this week!


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