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Do you know how to OPEN the gifts you receive?

With Christmas behind us, we now have a little bit of thinking room.  As we approach the new year whether we want to admit it or not, we begin to reflect over the past year and the upcoming year.  I have a question for you as it has to do with reflecting.  Would you describe yourself as one who loves to give gifts or one who loves to receive gifts?  I would much rather give than receive.  When we are talking Christmas presents, that’s not a big deal.  However, when we are talking giving and receiving from God and others over the course of our life, it is a big deal!


As you know, I have been in the beginnings of researching how to write a book and the best way to accomplish that purpose.  There are numerous ways to publish books these days.  As I sat with several publishers this summer and discussed book options, God began to solidify what I was to write.  The hilarious part is that I felt His call to write this book.  As we discussed though, it became abundantly clear the topic is to be on receiving.  One publishing company said that’s it, Karen.  Receive.  Flesh out that idea some more, but I think that you are on to something.  You all, I am the worst person to write regarding the word receive.  I am HORRIBLE at receiving.  But yet God kept making it abundantly clear that IS the topic.  And God has been teaching me a lot about receiving this year.

OPEN my Gift

So I’m just wondering, how many of you are givers or receivers?  If you’re a giver, I wonder how well you succeed at receiving. I would love for you to take the poll and find out how well you receive from God and others.  Do you know how to receive love from God and others?  Do you know how to OPEN the gifts you are given?  (I’m crossing my fingers and saying prayers that this works.  I’m pushing my technology limits!!)

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Join the Journey; Learn to OPEN your Gifts

This year I would love for you to join me in growing mine and your receiving ability and learning to OPEN the gifts God and others have given me and you.  Each month, I will be putting together a quiz, a message, and/or a challenge to help you and I consider how to OPEN our gifts.  I want to know how to NOTICE the gifts that are given, and I want to be EXCEPTIONAL at receiving love from God and others.  I don’t want to fall into the category of PATHETIC and OBLIVIOUS!  If you are willing to join me on this journey this year, I would appreciate it.  You will be helping me grow my platform, which is a necessity in traditional publishing.  However, you will also be helping yourself learn to OPEN the gifts you are given.  Let’s learn to be EXCEPTIONAL and NOTICING together!  Please share this post so that my reach can be further.  I believe God has a message for each of us on this journey.  No more will we say, I don’t feel connected, or I don’t feel like God sees and loves me.

If you are willing to join the journey in learning how to OPEN our gifts, please sign up here. Once again, if you decide to join you will receive a monthly message, activity, quiz, etc. in your inbox from me.  I would love to share this journey together.



Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.

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  1. Aunt Elaine

    Yes, I want to go on this journey with you.

  2. Terry DeBrow

    Yes I would love this journey with y’all. Terry Cowling DeBrow

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