It’s Been Crazy

It’s been crazy the past few weeks. There has been so much going on.

Chloe’s ER Visit

Three weeks ago, I had left my home to spend the day with Krisann at Classical Conversations.  Life was perfect when I left.  A couple of hours later, Chloe texts that she doesn’t feel right.  Then she texts again.  I tell her to get a doctor’s appointment, and I will come home and take her.  A little bit later, I receive another text, “I think I need to go to the ER.”  I thought Chloe’s anxiety was welling up.  After all, a few short hours ago, she was perfectly fine.  I return home to pick her up and was in total shock.  She was incredibly sick.  I couldn’t believe it.

A doctor’s appointment turned into an ER visit.  The doctors and nurses were sure that Chloe had appendicitis.  They wheeled her for a CAT scan to confirm their hypothesis.  We were preparing for surgery, though.  However, we soon learned that Chloe didn’t have appendicitis.  She had a kidney stone.

What 19 year old has kidney stones?  Sometimes I want to scream, “What else does this child have to go through?  Hasn’t she had enough?”  Chloe, in Chloe fashion, has dealt with the newest medical issue with no complaints. She has emotions sometimes, but for the most part, she rolls with flow.  I must say she was one sick girl!  She is finally feeling better.

She saw a urologist and will be having a repeat CAT scan in a couple of weeks, but we are grateful that she is finally feeling a bit better.  We pray that it has passed even though we have not seen it and not that it is going to start moving again at some point.

It's Just Crazy--Kidney Stone

Our Sweet Lily

We have had sweet Lily for 13 years.  Many years ago, Lily was diagnosed with kidney disease.  She has been on special diet food along with several medications.  She lived a full life despite her kidney disease.  We were grateful for a vet that knew just what to do to take care of her.  So along with all the medication Zine and Chloe take, I gave Lily a handful of medication every day.  She has had several near-death experiences but always pulled through them.

More recently, Lily woke up one morning and couldn’t see.  She and I became attached much through that experience.  She joined me most mornings as I had my quiet time.  I’ve read Scripture to her.  I’ve prayed with her.  She’s heard my thoughts.  She and I were attached for sure.  I have almost fallen over her more times than I care to count because she has laid down right underneath my feet.

The past month I have struggled to get Lily to eat.  It has been a constant battle.  However, two weeks ago, she quit eating everything but chicken and rice.  And then two weeks ago, she stopped eating chicken and rice.  On that Friday, I took her into the vet, hoping that she was going to use another one of her “nine lives.”  However, we discovered that her kidneys were shutting down.  I spent the weekend giving her IV fluids to try and flush her kidneys out, but on Monday her creatine level had gone from 2.9 to 6.6.  Her time on earth was coming to a close.

It was an emotional few days.  But on October 8, we said goodbye to sweet Lily.  Just two days before, on October 6, was my mom’s second anniversary of her death.  There was a lot of grief in my heart!!

It's Just Crazy Sweet LilyIt's Just Crazy Sweet Lily 2It's Just Crazy Sweet Lily 3It's Just Crazy Sweet Lily 4It's Just Crazy Sweet Lily 5

Zine’s Monthly Maintenance

I joked with Zine and a neighbor that Zine had to go for an oil change every month.  He has a cath tube changed each month, and his port flushed each month.  It’s now a routine part of our lives.  I remember when it was new and scary.  Now it is normal, but it is never something that he wants to do.  I had to capture this picture, though.  It’s not often that you match with the cover, the gloves, and the nurse’s shirt.  LOL!

It's Just Crazy Zine

Loving Others in a Crisis

The past month has also been full of loving another family walking through a crisis.  It has been hard.  It has evoked many emotions in my heart.  I walked closely with a family through the death of her husband.  I continue to walk closely through grief with her.  It has been time-consuming.  It has been emotional.  Because of what I have walked through with Zine and the death of my mom, I have known how to minister in this situation.  I have given a lot over the past month, but in some ways, it has been healing.  God has shown me how the crisis seasons I have walked through are being used to minister to others.  God indeed doesn’t waste pain.  I pray that I continue to point this sweet lady to Jesus and love her well.

Upcoming Anniversary of Zine’s Diagnosis

On October 25, 2010, Zine and I began a journey to Mayo Health Clinic, where Zine received confirmation that he did indeed have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.  This season of life affects me every year.  I have many emotions during these days.  They make my emotions very tender as I recall, reflect, and grieve that diagnosis.

Looking for a Church Home

We are on the search for a church home.  After taking some time away, it is time to find a church home.  We are praying about where God will lead us.  We want to be where He wants us to be.  Our hearts are super duper sad about our church closing.  It would be easy to stay at home.  However, church families are so important.  We are missing connecting with church family.

Just Crazy!!

I’m sure there’s more that I have left out.  Things like Krisann has been sick yet again.  I have a hip that is hurting much lately.  One of my dad’s sitters had a health crisis and had to be off, which added some extra stress.  Both big kids have struggled with a college class.  I have a sweet Aunt and Uncle struggling with significant health issues.  Another aunt passed away unexpectedly, but I was not able to slip away to be with family.  See, I told you I left things out.  And I’m sure I’ve left other things out!  It’s just been crazy.

But amidst the crazy, life is good!


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.

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  1. Martha Brady

    it does sound like a crazy, emotional, difficult month. add to it, not having a church home? just makes it a new dimension of hard:( pray8ing for you all!

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