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Our Hearts–Big Appointment

Tonight we had a little family therapy.  We each drew a heart.  Then we thought of three emotions we were experiencing.  We then chose three colors.  One for each emotion.  We could decorate our hearts in anyway we wanted using those three colors.  As you can see, everyone’s heart looks quite different.

The hearts all had something in common!  And that is the anxiety and sadness and overwhelmed feeling that we all described in one way or another.  I promised not to tell whose heart was whose and not to tell the whole world the emotions that we all shared together tonight.  They were very insightful to say the least.  And a wonderful opportunity to hear what was going on in each person’s heart!  It provided a time for asking questions of each other, gave us opportunity to enter into each other’s world, and it showed us that although we are very different in the ways we deal with our stress and anxiety, the fact is, we all have it!  And like one person said as we discussed tonight, our lives have not been fun but we are stronger now!  We are better people because of all that we have gone through.  Another person said tonight, I am hopeful.  Another person said I’m just angry!  So you can see glimpses of the discussions that went on at my house this evening.  I am thankful that God allows us to share openly with one another!  And I am thankful for creative ways to orchestrate those discussions.  I love my family!

We do ask that you pray for our hearts as we go Wednesday at 1:30 for an MRI followed up by appointment with neurologist.  This has the potential to be another life changing doctors appointment.  We said we were never doing chemo again.  But over the past year, the doctor has slowly talked Zine into it, most likely.  However, to try to alleviate the concerns in our hearts, we will be doing an MRI to see if there are any active lesions.  If there are, then that can change the whole ballgame!  So pray for God to prepare each of our hearts for the news and decisions that will be made tomorrow.  Pray that God would wash over each heart a sense of peace!  Yes, we’re anxious.  Yes, we’re sad.  Yes, we’re uncertain.  Yes, we’re scared.  Yes, we’re overwhelmed.  But we know a God who controls each detail of our lives.  Pray that we will be able to trust Him with our lives and with our hearts!

Pray also for Chloe.  We are having some medicine problems I believe.  Her blood pressure bottomed out this evening after dinner and our heart talk.  She ended up in my kitchen floor with extremely low blood pressure.  Called pediatrician and pediatrician was ready to call an ambulance. I’m like no I’m just up the road from an ER. So we ended up in ER.  However, by the time we got there, her blood pressure was up some.  We waited a while and it stayed up so we opted to come back home.  The pediatrician and I both believe it is medicine related.  So pray that we can figure out what is causing the issues.  We will be calling her dr tomorrow morning before we head to our appointment.  Her depression is pretty rampant right now as well.  So pray that we can get that under control as well with some medicine changes.

Zine’s cath bag has a hole in it.  So in the morning before heading out of town, I have to go into town and pick up a new cath bag!  Wonder if I could twist someone’s arm to bring it to me??!!  Just kidding!  I will have time to go get new bag, get it changed out, call Chloe’s doctor, and make it to Cullman in time for Zine’s MRI.  It’s just another typical day in my life!

But in all seriousness, please please lift us up before the Father Wednesday.  We need Him to work His peace and His wisdom and His love all throughout our hearts!


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.

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