Feeling Overwhelmed? Yes!!

Ever had those moments when an overwhelmed feeling overtakes you?  Well, I went there this afternoon!  I try NOT to let life overwhelm me.  I typically just roll with the flow, it works much better that way!  However, this afternoon late, I think I just lost my focus!  I felt my insides gear up into high gear.  I’m pretty sure my heart was beating funky!  I had to remind myself to breathe slowly!    And I felt my eyes get watery and I dislike tears!

When I get overwhelmed, I can know that my eyes have been taken off the One who is control of all things!  And I have placed them on my circumstances!  So, I simply had to take a few minutes to take some deep breaths and remind myself how BIG my God was!   God’s got this stuff!   But let me just be real…sometimes I’m tired of this stuff.  And sometimes I feel great frustration.  And sometimes I’m absolutely positive that my plans and God’s plans are not in agreement!!

Exactly, what sent me to the overwhelmed place?

1.  Zine gets chemo on Tuesday.  Have I ever said, I hate to watch Zine get chemo!  It makes me purely sick to my stomach!  I hate what chemo does to his body.  And I hate what chemo is NOT doing for his body!  I know…that’s crazy!  But it’s true.  I hate the side effects of all the chemo!  But I also hate that the chemo is doing what we had hoped it would!

2.  Chloe has to have an outpatient surgery on Friday.  What should be a trip to an oral surgeon’s office for removal of wisdom teeth is not so simple.  She gets to go to the hospital and have hers done.  Not to mention she struggles with anxiety to begin with!  That makes things like this much more difficult!

3.  In the middle of all this, I’m trying to get homeschooling started back again!  And…let’s just say I wasn’t the best record keeper from November forward last year.  So I’m desperately trying to bring my organization skills back to my homeschooling!

4.  I am trying to get Conner to some colleges before I go back to work in four weeks!

And….the one that put me over to the overwhelmed side…

5.  Krisann has had yet another allergic reaction to her antibiotic.  Hives are not fun!  But more than that, the doctor gave me a large discussion about how when you are allergic to two classes of antibiotic that begins to greatly impact their ability to treat infections and that she really suggested we might need to consider detailed allergy testing to determine what drugs she could and could not take. Well, at the moment, that was a bit more than I wanted to hear. My eyes left how BIG God is and centered on what an insurmountable task allergy testing would be for the child who goes totally crazy when there is a speck of blood on her somewhere!  So I had to remind myself that for now, we focus on the hives!  We’ll think about the rest later!

 This is a hive on her knee!
This is her back! And she has them on her head, arms, and torso too!
I have direction on what else to try for the hives tonight!  I know when the appropriate time to visit an emergency room is.  And I know that God is in control of even these stupid hives!  So…I just need to put my eyes on Him!  Take a few deep breaths!  And get some rest!


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.