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Some days I need flowers and oils to get through the day!

Crazy Busy

My life has been crazy busy…thus no blog posts.  I’ve literally not sat down hardly at all in several weeks!  The past two weeks, flowers and oils have gotten me through my days!   But this week, Chloe had appointment in Memphis at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital and my mom went to respite care…all on Monday.  I think you could say it was a full day!

Mrs. Allison texted a few days before and asked if she could go with me to take Chloe to the doctor and I said sure. She was even brave enough to spend the night at my brothers house the night before.  She had NO clue how much entertainment she would get!  Oh my word!!!!  Krisann thinks this story is hilarious.  She gets tickled on a regular basis about it.   So…I decided to let my girls tell this story instead of me typing it!  And remember, this is just evidence of living a stressful life.  However, it provided some much needed entertainment.  So check out the story here.



At LeBonheur

We spent several hours at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis.  The doctor was very thorough.  This was not my first time at such appointments so I was prepared.  With such a complicated medical history, I have learned to keep a folder and take with me.  The doctor spent a large amount of time simply understanding Chloe’s medical history.   Somehow he didn’t have the medical records nor her MRI report, but he is obtaining them though.  (From everywhere!)  He told Chloe that he would do his part and she would need to do her part.

Her part…

Eat healthy.  Get 8 to 10 hours a sleep every night.  No screen time 1 hour before bed.  NEVER skip breakfast.  I would say that’s a very easy part for her!

His part…

Treat her headaches and find what works.  He assured her he didn’t see anything thing upon exam that would raise big concerns.  The dr told her he believed she was having migraines compounded by stress.  He is putting her on a preventive migraine medicine and an abortive migraine medicine as well.   Her cardiologist had to be contacted and approval from her was needed before we started the meds.  She has approved.  But now, there is a problem with insurance.  Medicaid can be very picky.  So we yet to have the new meds.  We are crossing our fingers that details will be worked out this upcoming week.   It will take approximately 8 weeks before we will know if the new meds are helping.

His nurse will call and schedule us for an appointment in their headache clinic with him and four other doctors. We will have that appointment in about four months.  But in the meantime, Dr. D is gathering records and studying.  He is also available via phone for any questions.  And we have new medicine to start working on getting in her system.

My take away…

I feel that he is going to work on getting these headaches under control.  I’ve been begging for an abortive migraine medicine for awhile now to no avail.  However, I know my daughter.  And I know that medicine changes are difficult.  Her central nervous system is super sensitive.  There is definitely uneasiness about that process.   So I proceed cautiously optimistic but knowing it may be a long season.

The next crazy busy…Respite Care

Mom went on Monday to respite care for the week.  It is provided by hospice to their families.  Hospice felt it was time to give dad a break.  Let him heal some and have a break.  My middle brother had to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of getting mom settled in respite on Monday and man did he had a hard job!!  He loved well!  I’ve heard of tough love as a parent.  This was a case of tough love in the reverse!

My mom did well.  She was a nurse by trade in her younger years.  So the sweet nurses let my mom “work” and wander.  I hear she did a lot of wandering.  But this picture just makes me smile.  It was almost like through respite my mom got to go back to a happy time in her life!


My dad’s respite time…

My dad had a tough time.  He wouldn’t go see my mom.  His heart was broken.  At first he thought she was gone to stay forever.  Finally, he understood that it was just for him to rest and be a better caregiver when she came home.   I’ve done a lot of comforting this week.  I found myself recalling the night I left Zine in rehab and was able to use that difficult experience in my life to pour into my dad.   Because of that horrible experience, I was better able to sympathize with my dad and give him not only comfort but wise counsel.  As a caregiver myself, I have unique opportunities to come alongside my dad. I am honored to be the one that gets to see and hear my dad’s heart.  Sometimes, though, it breaks my heart.  I even made Mrs. Allison cry on the way home when I was talking to my dad and giving him comfort.  I have a very hard time thanking God for the night I left Zine in rehab!  But I saw this week one of the ways God was using that experience for good.

Other busy crazy this week…

Monday Memphis.

Tuesday Krisann had counseling. Dr. appt. Massage. Meeting at church.

Wednesday Zine had cath change.  Krisann had dentist appointment and gymnastics.  And I had meeting at church that night.

Thursday dr. appt.  Went to an MDA lock up.  I took a big fall there and my body is still feeling the result of that fall.  Counseling for Chloe. Krisann class at Fantasy.  Movie The Case of Christ with small group.

Friday thank goodness for a morning of cleaning and organizing.  My house was a disaster.  And thankful that I cooked dinner!  Broccoli tots for the win tonight!  I ate broccoli and so did Krisann!

This weekend rest and recover I hope!




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