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Chapter One New Beginnings

Chapter One. New Beginnings.

Our family is at the beginning of the school year. Chapter One of the 2019-2020 school year has arrived. This is the time of year when we start fresh and have new beginnings.

Krisann and I moved to a new Classical Conversation‘s Community this year, so we are making new friends, and she has new teachers. We sure miss our old CC friends, but we are excited about enlarging our family this year. Krisann also promoted up to pre-team gymnastics which means she is now at gymnastics three afternoons a week. This is a substantial new season in our lives. School and pre-team gymnastics. I think our lives are full.

Chloe starts college on Monday. It’s her freshman year, a bright new beginning. She’s not too positive about this transition, but I think together we will conquer this year. I’m prepared to give lots of encouragement and support.

Conner starts his junior year of college on Wednesday. This is not a new experience for him, but it’s a new year with new classes and new professors.

Excited about God’s Grace

As I’ve thought about the beginning of this year with all the new things, it’s reminded me how God gives us a fresh slate every day. Every moment, God is giving us a new beginning. The old is gone, the new has come. We get so excited about the new school year with new lunch boxes, new backpacks, and new notebooks. Do we give the same excitement for the grace God gives us? I know I don’t. God has been stepping on my toes this new school year. Each mistake I make is covered by grace; there is no need for self-condemnation. Every difficult circumstance I encounter, there is grace to get me through. I think God has whispered in my ear that this is something I should be excited about. I love how God uses everyday situations to speak His truth in my ears.

What’s Probably Not Going to be a New Beginning

Tuesday, Zine will have MRI scans and see his MS doctor.  Two visits ago, we shared with you how Dr. L told us it was time for us to put our faith to work.  You can read about that visit here.  I do not expect for there to be anything new at this appointment.  We know there is a regression.  We know MS is slowly destroying his body.  However, even with all the things we know, these appointments on Tuesday still come with a mixed bag of emotions.  On more than one occasion after MRI scans, our lives have fallen apart.  These were the visits when chemo entered our lives not once but twice.  We do not expect to hear the word chemo this visit, but yet, our hearts are quite anxious and sad.  For me, it’s more anxiety, for Zine it’s more sadness.  The reality of our lives come right to the forefront these days.

Tonight as I was taking Krisann to bed, she asked this question:  “Is Tuesday the day we will find out if dad has to have chemo?”  We’ve not mentioned that word at all, yet, it is what comes in her mind.  Everyone feels the emotions surrounding these appointments.

We will cherish your prayers as we face Tuesday!

Chapter One

I want to share chapter one of my upcoming book with you.  I would love to hear if it changes the way you view people in general.  You may download it here.

I would love for you to pray that I can get writing time built into our school and gymnastics schedule!  My sweet dad asks me every day, “How’s your book writing coming?”  Of course, he asks me the same questions most days, dementia does that to a person.  However, his asking is often the encouragement I need to get my computer out!

I hope the beginning of a new school year is filled with new beginnings for you.  And may you learn, like me, that God’s grace is worth getting excited about!



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