All This in One Day!!

So…this is how I started my day out!

Really, I have to wear this again?!?!  At least this time I only have to wear it for 48 hours.  The doctor is changing my heart medicine to see if he can get the issues going on with my heart settled down.  It really is a very benign problem.  However, it is a huge problem when you can’t sleep because your heart isn’t beating correctly.  And it is a problem when your blood pressure is way low.  This morning it was 88/56 I think.  He said stress could definitely be a major culprit.  We did discuss my food intake and up until today, I have been doing good on my intake! (We are not going to talk about the calories consumed today though.)  I guess I need to learn to handle my stress better.

Manage stress better….I have a plan.  I’m sure this will work. 🙂  In one of these bags is some medicine that is my new heart medicine and some new anxiety medicine as well.  It also has some new medicine for Zine in there as well.

Manage stress better….hmmm….this was what was in my mail today.  And this pretty well sums up what I’ve been dealing with for several weeks now.

There happens to be much paperwork to fill out in the brown envelopes!  They were BIG envelopes too!  Happy happy joy joy!  My favorite thing to do is fill out paperwork.  Not really, but it is one thing I can do and do well!  The other envelope is also an agency I never thought I would be dealing with.  However, my kids now have insurance.  That has been 4 months in the making to get them health insurance.  I looked at these envelopes and thought God is this REALLY our life now?  This is not how we had it planned out God!

And nestled in with these envelopes was a card.  A gentle reminder that God’s grace is sufficient…for plans that don’t go our way.  His grace is sufficient for a MS battle.  His grace is sufficient period!

If you ever wonder if God uses your cards that you send, this is just one I used to blog about today.  God often uses cards to speak to us and they arrive at just the perfect time!  Zine and I were discussing earlier this very verse.  Are we willing to be weak?  Are we willing to let God use even MS for good or are we going to continue to rebel and tell God that there is no reason good enough for our family to have to go through this.  For Pete’s Sake, I have a 6 year old who doesn’t want to stay home with her daddy alone because she is afraid something will happen to him and he will need to go to the ER.  Is that fair?  The answer is no….it’s not fair.  But the same God whose strength is made perfect in my life is the same God who manifests Himself in her life.  His grace is sufficient for me, for her, and for you.
And a little chocolate helps keep you going sometimes.
Welcome to another day in the Smith house where it is never boring, always crazy, and full of gratitude and love!  
Another day where you might eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  But as a friend just texted, “His mercies are new every morning!”    We really are rich with blessings!   I have a friend sitting in ICU with her husband right now and she said, we’re the healthiest person in here!  She’s also the same friend that has had an hour and half of sleep in over 24 hours but said His mercies are new every morning.  Even in the ICU with her very sick husband, our many texts are a blessing!  Thankful that God uses circumstances in our lives so that our hearts can identify with others!  And she really makes me want to be more like her.  I don’t think I was testifying about His mercies being new every morning when I was sitting in the ICU with my husband!
So as a reminder, God’s promises are true.  My son just sent this picture to me.  He took it at church.  What a beautiful reminder!!  There will be new mercies in the morning for the two envelopes full of paperwork I need to fill out. There are two rainbows for two envelopes.  There will be new mercies for my friend battling cancer that sent the card.  There will be new mercies for my friend sitting in the ICU with her husband.  There will be new mercies for my friend recovering from surgery.  There will be new mercies for whatever circumstance is burdening your heart right now.  Because He promises us there will be!  And He sets His promise in the sky sometimes…just to remind us…His promises are true.  


Wife of 20+ years. Mom to 3 children. Love sharing my life with weary hearts so that we can know the One who is Good, who is in Control, and Whose strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.